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See How To Get Rid Of Shoulder Pain – (“Frozen Shoulder”)

The problem with frozen shoulder is almost daily among people in between 40 and 60. the shoulder pain is sometimes so strong that it prevents movement of the shoulder. One of the most common factors that cause this pain are shoulder injury, dehydration and autoimmune diseases. The highest risk group of people who could suffer from a frozen shoulder are diabetics, people who have suffered a stroke or people with heart disease.

The development of this pain has several phases:

1. Sorrowful stage – a strong shoulder pain
2. Frozen stage – the inability to move shoulder
3. thawing stage – last stage of frozen shoulder, where with the help of some medicine, massages and treatments slowly relaxes shoulder and no longer freezes


As one of the most effective for the treatment of this condition and help resolve the pain and stiffness in the shoulder natural remedies are:

a) in a frying pan into the fire He puts some garlic cloves and mustard oil. Cook until garlic does not get brown, gold. Remove the pan from the heat and wait a while to cool down. With this mixture of garlic and oil, massage frozen shoulder and then let stand 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure 3 to 6 times a day. You can also cook garlic cloves with coconut oil.

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B) Black sesame paste it into water and let stand overnight. With the same mixture of massage the day after his shoulder several times until relief of pain and you feel relief. You can also consume sesame seeds soaked with water to reduce shoulder pain.

C) One of the most common things that all doctors recommend you are acupuncture and stretching exercises. Also for muscle relaxation and pain relief and it helps to practice yoga. With the help of daily exercise, meditation and proper breathing pain frozen shoulder will never feel.

D) To reduce pain and swelling can put ice packs for 15 minutes or shower with cold water.

E) To reduce shoulder pain can be prepared and consumed a mixture of lemon and honey in warm water. To get effective results, it is advisable to consume this mixture after each meal.

As additional and useful tips presented as follows:
– One of the reasons for things and frozen shoulder is dehydration and lack of fluid in the body, so you should drink plenty of water, only water and avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks
– Eat more fresh foods and unprocessed full of natural spices, herbs and oils
-. Eat more fish, chicken, soups and avoid fried and fatty foods
-. regularly massage your body, especially the shoulders and neck with any body cream or milk in your home.

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