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Scientists Have Explained: Here’s What You Feel A Minute Before Death!

All we ask ourselves what is really happening to the person at the time of death

This is not unusual, because everyone thought about it. A lot of rumors and beliefs have been discussed regarding this issue, however, the experts came to the real answer.

According to the American Chemical Society sensation before death compared to the feeling when you see a scary movie really scared because they found that the brain reacts the same way in both cases.

Fear actually prepares us to react when we are in danger. There is a part of the brain called the thalamus and is very sensitive to stress and a chemical reaction in the brain into a state of “flight” or “fight” fortunately the hypothalamus.

how to get this strength?

The hypothalamus stimulates the adrenal gland to secrete adrenaline. In this way the body is ready for action.

Adrenaline travels to the liver secretion when blood sugar is stimulated. The force obtained this way. If this does not help, then people start to scream (as in horror movies).

The interesting thing here is that the screams are not perceived in the same part of the brain as speech. When we hear that someone is shouting, the sound goes from the ear directly to the part of the brain called the amygdala.

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Now imagine one of those horror movies and someone chasing you with an ax to kill you.

to start screaming, but that does not help. What will feel next if the murderer grabs you and stabs you with the ax is that pain that will not be the same as you’re used to feel, but a type of pain that will send a message to the brain that something very bad is happening and that should never be repeated.

The murderer stabbed him in the neck, the heart stops working and finally stops breathing (it is a clinical death).

At the same time the brain is working like never before and that is why some people said they have seen strange things light or other (people who survived clinical death).

If emergency aid does not reach the brain stops working as well and biological death occurs.

The Scientists have explained:. This is what I feel a minute before death first appeared in BASE HEALTHY LIFE

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