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Scientists Have Discovered A New Plant That Kills Cancer Cells In 40 Days

Scientists have discovered that this plant not so familiar with a strange name is really amazing cancer death. The plant was tested in mice with pancreatic cancer. In just 40 days, the cancer had disappeared.

Scientists transmit this survey now expect to collect more money to do research on people.

The plant is known as “thunder god vine” or “lei gong teng”, it is used in Chinese medicine for many years to treat a number of diseases , including rheumatoid arthritis.

According to the latest research from the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center, with the use of this plant, after 40 days, the body shows no sign of tumor – even after treatment. Research on this miracle herb, as it is called, is promoted in the journal Science Translational Medicine

Scientists believe that this plant is so effective because it contains a lot of triptolide, which previous studies has been shown to be an ingredient -. Cancer fighter

Scientists say the cure for cancer is hidden in herbs known for years, but like ginger and this new discovery is free compared to the expensive and dangerous drugs cancer, and companies have no interest in investing in this type of study.

However, even though this plant is very cheap, there are some scientists involved in the research, they are trying to make a cure of this plant by the FDA will be approved, but this way the drug They will be patented and sold for a large sum of money.

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