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Scientists design a universal flu vaccine


A new generation of universal flu vaccine designed to protect against future global pandemics that could potentially kill millions of people.

The vaccine, designed by an international team of scientists, has the potential to provide protection up to 88 percent of flu strains known around the world in a single shot, which marked the end of the winter flu season, according to the researchers.

“the components of this universal flu vaccine would fragments of virus short flu – called epitopes -. Is already known that are recognized by the immune system Our collaboration has found a way to select epitopes achieve full coverage of the population, “said Pedro Reche, of the Complutense University, Madrid, Spain

” All investigators year, choose one strain of influenza as the vaccine, hoping that it will protect against strains of next year. ”

“we know that this method is safe, and that most of the time it works reasonably well,” collector Lancaster University in the UK


said. “However, sometimes it does not work – as in the H3N2 (flu) vaccine failures in the winter from 2014 to 2015 – and even when it does, is immensely costly and laborious addition, these annual vaccines give us any protection against possible pandemic. future flu, “said collector.

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previous pandemics, including the “Spanish flu” of 1918, and two subsequent pandemics in 1957 and 1968, which led to millions of deaths.

Currently, it is estimated that annual influenza epidemics cause up to half a million deaths in the world, the latest reports from the World Health Organization revealed.

In addition, scientists have also devised a US-specific vaccine coverage of 95 percent of flu strains known in the country.

researchers have applied innovative computational techniques for vaccine design.

“Based on our knowledge of influenza virus and the human immune system, we can use computers to design the components of a vaccine that gives much broader and longer protection” collector said in the study published in the journal Bioinformatics.

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