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Scandal: China Sells Human Flesh As Beef…

Facebook crane appeared strange and disturbing photos that claim to be from China, and which human flesh is allegedly sold as meat product in Africa, Daily Mail reported.

Scandal: China Sells Human Flesh As Beef…
the story began after Mass photos of the meat factory networks were shared social, which flayed human bodies are, and encourage this avalanche serve the press in Zambia who announced their texts spoken by people who worked in these factories.
According to the media until this idea came after China snemuvalo space to store the corpses, while others say it was done to preserve the “good meat” for rich countries. But Chinese Ambassador to Zambia categorically denies these stories:

Locally tabloid today spread rumors that the Chinese use human flesh and sold as beef and Africa. This is a malicious totally and absolutely unacceptable to us slander. We hereby express our utmost indignation and severe condemnation for an act of this kind, said Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, Yang Iouming.

In his statement said deliberately placed by people who wanted to ruin the long-standing good relations between Zambia and China.

Chinese people sold dead instead of beef and sent to Africa. Please avoid beef, regardless of brand, especially in African and African country -Asian mixed merchandise markets a Facebook user wrote.

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But soon the deception surrounding these photos revealed the Snopes.com site. They say that the photos are marketing campaign for a video game Resident Evil 6, 2012. years. The images that appear and they see the bodies of dead skin incurred for the filming of advertising Smithfield Market in London.

On the other hand, emerged after fake stores under the name Resident Evil and Sin Vesker human butchery and the meat sold in the form of a human body.

However, the Chinese ambassador to Zambia urged the authorities to investigate these allegations, and Zambian Deputy Defense Minister apologized on behalf of the country.

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