A lot of people in the world are aware that there are many foods GMO (genetically modified organisms) in the marking. These “healthy” foods are promoted as healthy and nutritious. Well folks, it’s time to stop these lies!
One of these “safe and healthy” products is Nutella. Many people think that Nutella is healthy and safe food, even without knowing it actually contains 4 ingredients GMOs. All this is because of powerful marketing and advertising of Nutella. No matter if the other ingredients are healthy and safe, it is enough that one ingredient is GMO. It can and it will have serious effects on their health.

The 4 GM ingredients in Nutella:


You may have heard that soy has been consumed by the civilizations of Asia for centuries and consider soy to be very healthy food. So the main question is: How is that soy is unhealthy for Americans? Well, we can answer that for you. Soybeans in Asia are organically grown and consumed in small amounts. However, in Western countries it is quite the opposite. In Western countries, soybean production is completely GMO and soy consumed in large quantities. Now, let’s return to the soybean Nuttela. Nutella contains high amounts of soy lecithin, emulsifier and has adverse effects on their health. Many recent studies have linked this ingredient to depression thyroid, uncontrolled obesity, fatigue, delay period, breast cancer, precocious puberty, etc.

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The sugar in Nutella is actually made from sugar beet. This sugar is not only cheap ingredient, but also rich in hazardous chemicals, such as pesticides. This “sugar” is nothing like the natural sugar that our body uses for proper function. The only thing that really matters Nutella manufacturers is the low price of this refined sugar. However, the fact that this neurotoxin refined sugar is a very namely crossing the blood barrier and cells destroys brain is completely ignored. Recent research has linked this refined sugar for many diseases, such as :. ADD, ADHD, depression, autism, migraine and anxiety

Skim milk

We all know advertising dairy products. Usually they associated with images of cows eating green grass in vast green meadows. But the truth is completely different. Nutella manufacturers use cow’s milk, which is fed GMO corn vitamin supplements and in order to reduce costs cows. The milk quality is poor. All we’re trying to say is that this white liquid like milk odor is made of milk powder and milk powder is rich in high cholesterol.


Nutella label can say that there are no artificial colors. But wait, the label does not say that no artificial flavors. They put vanillin in Nutella, which originates from China and is a potential health gift because it can make the addictive people by stimulating receptors in the brain and secrete serotonin, the so-called hormone of happiness. Vanillin has similar properties to sugar. It has neurotoxic properties that destroy brain cells
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