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Say Goodbye To Underarm Odor Forever With These 10 Effective Home Remedies

Everyone wants to protect the body against excessive sweating and underarm odor. Perfumes and deodorants are far from the best option. If you do not want to chemicals based or have tried using deodorant eliminate underarm odor more, you should definitely try these powerful natural ways to get rid of him. smelly-armpits

stop shaving

scraping usually creates problems because body hair is there for a reason. Once skin is getting irritated when shaving lotions and creams used. depilatory or razor allows bacteria to grow and therefore irritate the skin. Moisture that cause bad underarm odor or bacteria is absorbed by the hair.

apple cider vinegar

You can simply put a squeeze of lemon juice, a little water and ACV in the spray bottle. Before dressing, spray under arms in the morning. You can also keep spray bottle at work if necessary reapply during the day. Your skin will remain from bacteria that cause odor and remain balanced.

Natural Soap

You can eliminate underarm odor by cleaning the whole body (armpits) with natural soap. Buy natural handmade soap from goat milk if you do not want to make your own soap (soap de Castilla).


can stop odor before it starts applying some talcum powder after washing with natural soap. Bacteria has no chance to grow if reapplied during the day.


tea tree oil

These soft oils Can Solé various skin problems, including odor. tree oil has been used as an antibacterial agent and antifungal for hundreds of years. Mix some water naturally roses and a few drops of tea tree oil, spray under the arms and get rid of the smell immediately.

Hydrogen peroxide

An excellent way to remove underarm odor is the use of hydrogen peroxide. Mix water or natural roses with hydrogen peroxide and eliminate the odor in a healthy and natural way.


Lemon is the perfect fruit that will help eliminate household odors, so also removes underarm odor. Lemon can solve this problem, as it balances the pH level of the skin. Place a slice of lemon in the armpits for 15 minutes and enjoy the day.


By rubbing her arms with wet piece of alum, the smell will be removed immediately.

Source: http://www.relfacts.org/

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