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Say Goodbye To Bad Breath, Tartar And Plaque With This Home Dental Whitening Toothpaste

Say goodbye to bad breath, tartar and plaque with this house Dental Whitening Paste teeth


To maintain your dental health in good condition, you need proper dental hygiene. And proper dental hygiene which means adequate and proper brushing teeth mouthwash. If it is not done properly, you can end up with some problems such as plaque and tartar.

This article will show you how to avoid two kinds of problems, as mentioned above, and also bad breath. All you need is a coconut oil and believe it or not the results are phenomenal.

Bad breath can make you feel very uncomfortable and can feel embarrassed if you are in public. To put an end to bad breath and bacteria in the mouth, all you need to do is rinse your mouth with just a spoonful of oil. You can also try to make homemade toothpaste with coconut oil, just make sure that you always use virgin coconut oil because it is on the market contains many chemicals. It is very simple to make and use.

coconut oil toothpaste


– coconut oil 30 virgin grams
– 45 grams of sodium bicarbonate


melt the coconut oil, and then add the baking soda. Now with a wooden fork, mix well until the appearance of toothpaste is achieved.

You will be surprised by the results. Your teeth will be white with the power of baking soda and eliminate bacteria in the mouth and bad breath which is also removed. This homemade pasta is good for everyone, especially for those who have bad breath, plaque and tartar. What makes this paste teeth better than normal toothpaste it is that this toothpaste contains zero chemicals.

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