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Save Every Authority from Damage – Slow Down the Aging!

! – How to rejuvenate lungs

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Apparently small changes in behavior, to a significant extent could delay aging of organs, and therefore the whole organism. There are ways to slow the aging process.

Maintaining good oral hygiene and teeth, not to overload the liver with fatty foods and alcohol, maintain weight in the normal range, and maintain regular physical activity.

body with age inevitably collapses, but the speed and how we age depends on how we live. If you want to rejuvenate the body or even to slow aging, you should pay attention to the habits, diet, physical activity. But it is also important to eliminate all factors that can adversely affect their health and the health authorities.


Dental problems are not only an aesthetic nature, but can contribute to numerous health problems. If you want to have a set of teeth and gums, it is at least twice a year to go to the dentist. And should properly brushing your teeth to remove bacteria from them. It is important to regularly clean the gums and tongue, because bacteria are retained. Except brush, use a thread


The first signs of aging are first seen on the skin. The skin is exposed to external influences, “the first of a target.” Dehydration, poor diet and smoking leave pronounced adverse effects on the skin and accelerate aging.

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as “cleaner” liver organism often suffers from poor diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs and the consequences of various viral diseases.

Except for the hepatitis B and C, alcohol is the leading cause of liver failure. While a glass of wine with lunch (not every day!) Should not cause major damage, it is best to reduce alcohol. healthy liver should avoid fatty foods, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, which pays more taxes exactly this body.



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