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Russian doctor discovered the secret of the child’s immunity, “Do not treat children ‘miracle’ drugs, but this’

Many parents believe there it is a drug that can affect the miraculous way strengthening immunity in children, however, is what Yevgeny advised Komarovski, a reputable doctor and author of many books on child care.

childs immunity

Yevgeny Komarovski, PhD, television host and author of numerous books on child care, gave an interview Sputnik exclusively on fighting allergies, strengthening the immune system of the child. It is also known to parents of Serbia, because very simply giving advice to today raise a healthy child.

“People in general, and particularly children, have the ability to adapt to all conditions. Climate change could seriously affect the future of human civilization, but has significantly overstated the impact of these changes in health with a particular child

modern family life today is very different from what was common 20 or 30 years Everything is different.. from the care of children, appliances, air conditioning, food, and time spent in the fresh air, but air quality, sport and recreation in children’s institutions, and preschool and school. a special issue of medical ethics today . day Password aggressive pharmacologists read:.. no sound, not just those that are not studied in depth are for everyone, even the smallest problem, pharmaceutical companies have invented a cure Other computers of the important factors they have a serious effect on modern education and communication of children and parents.

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All this in order to draw attention to the fact that parents tend to consider climatic factors as justification for their own mistakes and ljenjost, because health and immunity of the child first form a shape life.And mom and dad are the ones who shape the way of life of the child.

When parents can not estimate what is good or bad for your child when they can not arrange proper care, or diet, exercise, walking, swimming, pointing basic medical help common childhood diseases – all this leads parents “in the chorus,” calling bad weather, air pollution, state of disorganization, bad doctors, etc ..

Another common misconception is that most adults believe that is not a drug that can affect the miraculous way strengthening immunity in children. there is no such drugs, and what is on the shelves in many pharmacies, these are all “canard”. The use of these preparations is for parents to “magnifying glass brand” they have done something good for your child. The second objective of the sale of such drugs is lining the pockets manufacturers.

If you want your child does not suffer, if you want to quickly and easily adapted to the living conditions and circumstances are rapidly changing, then read, interest. But before all that, do not let the child dressed too hot, not overfeeding, encouraging daily physical activity and not to keep the child in the conditions of “sterile”. With children spending more time in the fresh air and do not give the children a “magic” pills to boost immunity. Above all, children need mom and dad, “said Dr. Yevgeny Komarovski

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