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Rub This Oil On Your Joints And Wake Up Without Pain



For those who suffer from arthritis and inflammation of the joints we will present you this natural remedy that will help you to alleviate pain in muscles and joints and to calm inflammation.

– 2-3 drops essential oil of blue mixture (Deep Blue – essential oil)
– Few drops of coconut oil

Preparation and Usage:

Mix all this ingredients and rub and massage the joints with this mixture, every night before you go to the bed.             After a week you will see that the usual pain in the knees was disappeared and the numbness will also be reduced.

Tip: The quality of essential oil is very important for the result of this treatment, so be sure to get the best possible oil. Also, due to the strength of the action of certain oils, make sure you dilute the blend, especially if you have sensitive skin, and it is also not recommended for children.


Source: http://www.healthyfoodhouse.com/

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