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Rock salt eat and stay healthy: –

Know how rock salt is beneficial –

Natural salt is very essential for our body. However, we all unpleasant iodine was

obtained salt.It eat sea is perhaps strange, but it’s a reality.

saline experts say that most people in India made from sea salt and harmful poison to

that is similar to the body. Sea salt is then in itself, but it is very dangerous

and poison that is created by the combination of iodine salt, iodine in the body as a serious

disease rather just go to the impotence of tiny point.

Best halite salt type, which is the choline salt. Many of the drugs used in Ayurveda Normally

rock salt that is invoked in the use of sea salt, high blood pressure, diabetes, paralysis, etc.

are afraid of serious contrast illnesses.In the use of rock salt has on blood pressure

control. Because of its purity is used in fast food.

Historically, the northern Indian subcontinent mineral salt stone “rock salt” or “salt

Sandhav called “meaning” come from areas of Sindh or Indo happen ‘. Often

was the salt came from the same mine. सेंधे नमक को ‘लाहौरी नमक’ भी कहा जाता है


This business is often all northern India was sold from Lahore.

In India before 1930 was not in any of the foreign companies salt sea salt in India

Before independence is introduced into trade, to say the English administration in India India

The good, innocent people, including iodine sea salt that feeds only iodine

Vertigo is not wise to eat more salt,

क्योंकि आयोडीन हमें आलू, अरवी के साथ get along with green vegetables.

found in white and red. The white salt is perfect. It is good for the heart, Deepan

help digestion, sedative effect tridosha Shitwiry fine with that, is lighter in

digestion. The digestive juices are Bdhte. Diseases blood disease, etc., are

forbidden to eat salt in it that can also be used. The counter bile and is beneficial

eye. Diarrhea, diseases and Rhyumetijm in Krimijny is quite useful.

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