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Risk Factors For Mouth Cancer You Should Know To Protect Yourself

People are dealing with different kinds of cancer, but if you did not know, is not an oral cancer, as well, also known as mouth cancer. Oral cancer is characterized by the growth of cells uncotrollable anywhere in the mouth. It may appear as a sore on the lips, gums, tongue or cheeks, hard and soft palate, as well as on the roof or floor of the mouth. According to research, 25% of all cancer cases occur in people who smoke and drink limited amounts of alcohol. 81% of people with oral cancer can live for more than a year since the development of the disease. The disease has four stages. If left untreated, cancer of the mouth can endanger life.


Signs and symptoms of oral cancer

A person experiencing sore throat, sore tongue, loose teeth, sores in the mouth and persistent swelling in the mouth, it can be a sign that that person has oral cancer. Other signs and symptoms include discolored patches inside the mouth, jaw pain or stiffness and painful chewing.

Tests and diagnosis of oral cancer; the early stages

If you want to see wheter or not you have oral cancer, just take a bright light and a mirror and look for any sores in front of the gums, lips and other parts of the mouth. If you suspect something, visit a specialist orally immediately. The specialist is more likely that a screening of oral cancer or brush biopsy is performed, as well as look or feel any pain, discoloration or growth in some parts of the mouth.

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Risk factors for oral cancer

There are many factors that can cause mouth cancer, but the most important among all smokers and excessive consumption of alcohol. However, we can not reduce prolonged sun exposure, human papillomavirus and family history of cancer.

The causes of oral cancer

Oral cancer can be caused by mutations in the DNA of cells on the lips and mouth. These mutations accumulate in cancer cells or around the mouth, forming tumors. The worst thing is that not discover exactly what triggers squamous cell mutations that cause oral cancer.


Fortunately, there are some things that depend on us that can prevent cancer of the mouth, including plenty of fruits and vegetables consumption, eating a balanced diet, reducing alcohol intake and quitting smoking. Moreover, avoid excessive sun exposure on the lips can also help.

You can cure cancer of the mouth if detected in time. In order to prevent oral cancer, you should perform a self-exam once a month and visit the dentist every three months for a screening of oral cancer. In addition, you can try to reduce symptoms associated with oral cancer with complementary and alternative therapies such as relaxation, massage therapy and light exercise.

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