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Residents of the northern suburbs seek to get rid of the neighbors & # 039; dogs after a man hospitalized in attack

HAWTHORN WOODS, Ill. (WLS) – Several residents in a northern suburb fear their neighbors' dogs after a series of attacks, including one that admitted a man to the hospital.

On Friday, Jose Gutierrez, 55, was about to lose his life by responding to a call from the owners of three dogs in Hawthorn Woods to ask for an estimate of tree pruning.

Gutierrez was attacked by the dogs as soon as he got out of his truck.

"I go to the garage door, knock on the door and leave immediately, just come with me, attack me," he said.

They almost ripped his arm and suffered deep wounds on his face and legs.

The man was saved by neighbors who were preparing for a party in the area.

"He is defending himself with a clipboard, and he was shot down three times. Blood came out of his arms, so I yelled at the owner to grab them, which he did," said Greg Wangler, a witness who helped save Gutierrez. .

Once one of the dogs released him, the others also released Gutierrez, Wangler said.

"Then my friend Larry put a tourniquet on Joseph's arm to prevent it from bleeding, otherwise he would probably have bled out," Wangler said.

Police responded quickly to the scene, providing help and trying to enforce the law with dog owners.

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"We can control how many animals people can have on one property, but they are on the edge and on their property, and how they are trained or how they act is beyond our control," said Jennifer, chief of police at Hawthorn Woods. Paulus

It is not the first time that dog owners have problems with their pets.

In 2012, the town tried to seize and sacrifice the family beagle that had bitten people more than once.

The family fought the case to the state appellate court. In 2015, the judges determined that the county authorities had the right to sacrifice the dog.

The dogs that attacked Gutierrez were a pair of pit bulls and a mixture of beagle and pit bull. Animals are now supposed to remain indoors by order of Lake County Animal Care and Control.

Hawthorn Woods police have documented the dogs outside several times since Friday's attack, sharing photos and videos with ABC7. But officers cannot seize animals without a court order.

"I have considered your dog vicious and should not be housed anymore. The three dogs will no longer be housed in the village, which can put them somewhere else or destroy them, but we simply cannot tolerate that kind of animal here," Paulus said.

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Barbara Wichmann, who runs the local homeowners association, said the "long-term goal of neighbors is to get rid of these dogs and not let these people have dogs in the future."

One of the owners said the animals are not vicious, but the family declined to comment more on ABC7.

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