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Remove Kidney Stones With Just Half Cup of This Amazing Drink

Kidney stones are painful medical problem that some people have. The stones cause pain that is unbearable. Those who get these stones must use lemon juice to prevent them.

Regular medical cure is potassium citrate and studies show that is unique in natural citrates. Even doctors and experts said that lemon juice is ideal for the treatment of these people. it is called lemonade therapy!

Why and how good citric acid for this condition?

Citric acid formation of these stones, even at the stage of small stone stops and the growth stops or breaks into tiny pieces more. More acid in the urine means more protection to these stones from forming. This citric acid is not good for the stones that form. When the stones are small, it is prevented from getting larger and this is due to the acid.

Limes and lemons have citric acid over all fruits. Medical dose of this acid or potassium citrate are prescribed as such and effective as well. However, this costs money and you need at least a dozen tablets per day, even!

Improve kidney with this drink. Only ½ cup is enough

Half cup or 4 ounces of lemon juice every day is an option, the other is 32 ounces of lemonade. These have the same content as prescribed acid acid.

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Take juice of 2 lemons and dilute with water 6 oz. Drink 2 times a day in the morning and evening. Gradually get to 4 ounces per day of juice.

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