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Recipe That Cures 150 Diseases – Yellow Milk

Some medical studies have shown that consumption alternative of “yellow milk” at night is very healthy and beneficial. Turmeric is the essential compound.

Turmeric works as a mild analgesic and has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties. The polyphenol includes Turmerics 150 and is used in various therapeutic remedies. Turmeric improves the immune system, controls blood cholesterol, blood pressure and brain work. Regulates the level of triglycerides, which makes it useful for the skin when combined with black pepper.

This is the way the “yellow milk” is produced:

There are only two steps:

Step 1 Ingredients:

-¼ cup of turmeric powder

-½ teaspoon ground pepper

-½ cup filtered water


Combine ingredients in a saucepan and simmer until it becomes a paste. Allow to cool and then placed in a jar. Keep in the fridge.

Step 2


-1 cup of almond milk

-1 teaspoon organic coconut oil

-¼ dough prepared in step one


Put compounds in a saucepan and simmer. Mix well so as not to burn. Once you have done you can add a little honey in order to get a better taste.


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