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Recipe of Russian Scientist to Treat Cancer

Recipe Russian scientist Professor Mermerski Christ, is a revolutionary drug that cured cancer of thousands of people.

“It’s food to treat the whole body, and cancer in an organism just withdraw,” the professor said. Mermerski in his lectures
A simple recipe for full body treatment :. Clean blood vessels, prevent heart disease, strengthens the immune, system cleanses the liver, the kidneys, the whole system of excretion, and also pathogenic microflora digestive system. Improves brain function and memory, prevents myocardial infarction and cure people who survived Hart attack.

In addition, the remedy may be used against arthritis. It is an excellent recipe for the treatment of all cancers. It is also very useful for the regulation of body weight.



– 400 grams of sprouted grains (wheat)
– 15 fresh lemons
– 12 entire head (no teeth) fresh garlic
– 1 kg of honey
– 400 g almonds fresh nut

preparation of wheat germ: 400 g wheat placed in glass jar and poured into water and let stand, preferably overnight. After 10-12 hours on a clean / gauze cloth spilling water and rinse the seeds and strain the mixture through cheesecloth. Leave the drained wheat in the bottle. After 24 hours is obtained germinated wheat (length 1-2 mm.).

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grind wheat germ, nuts and garlic (peeled before). Moler 5 lemons with the skin and the whole mixture together in the enamel bowl. By using only remaining lemon juice squeezed and mixed with the rest of the mass, until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Add honey and mix for longer with a wooden spoon and pour the mixture into jars to be stored in the refrigerator.

After 3 days, the mixture is ready for consumption.


Take 1-2 tablespoons of the mixture 30 minutes before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner and before bedtime. Consume up to get the result. Prevention -. Once a year

For cancer treatment – Be every 2 hours

Recipe guarantee health and long life!; preserves the freshness of the body, youth and energy, because it contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, bioactive substances, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Improves performance of all internal organs and glands!

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