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Real Honey or Fake Honey – How To Check The Purity Of Honey ?

Among other natural nutrients, people are buying natural nectar also, however, the query? is – is that true or false nectar? You can not see, certainly, if the nectar is truly the nectar or not without checking their virtue. In this article you best practices will be shown to make a simple test at home and see if the nectar that very soon after makes store-bought is genuine.

real honey

Below that in mind that the different agents between real honey and fake honey

physical qualities of honey can you help realize the differences between true and false honey.

false properties of honey

  • Foams
  • has a sour or not smell at all
  • smell

  • runny, drips easily
  • has a rough texture and bushes
  • separated into layers

properties of real honey

  • does not foam
  • trickles in a stream and is always thick
  • has a smooth texture
  • has the aroma of usual honey
  • not is separated into layers

What is fake honey?

impure adulterated or artificial honey are the names that the fake honey is also known as adulterated impure or artificial honey, because sugar syrups, molasses, corn syrup and other flavors and additives are added in this honey. GHgeochem, has run some tests that showed: “ If pure honey has been adulterated with corn syrup, isotope ratio will fall somewhere between the two values ​​and, therefore, adulteration have been demonstrated.” Accordingly, most of the honey products “pure” they buy contain corn syrup.

false honey is unhealthy because during the manufacturing process, honey loses its quality and nutrients. In order to avoid tracing the geographic source of honey (usually of poor quality and imported from India or China), the honey industry uses ultrafiltration methods. Professor Vaughn Bryant says that even 75% of honey in stores contains pollen.

Pure honey is organic honey, however, is not produced in factories. It is very difficult to find actual organic honey on the market, although many brands claim that their honey is real or organic honey.

Checking the purity of honey at home

More honey on the market is diluted with sugar syrup and molasses so the producer could double the benefit. To find out how to check the purity of honey:

The thumb and test water

  • Just put some honey on his thumb, and check if it sticks or spills – real honey should be sticky
  • After filling an empty water glass, add a tablespoon of honey .. fake honey dissolves fast and true honey falls to the bottom.

Real honey is flammable. Place a dry match in honey and then try to turn it on. If the party is easily lighten, honey is real as real honey is flammable! If the party can not burn, that honey is not pure and contains impurities and water.

If you read these items carefully, as it will be able to recognize what honey is organic and what is industrial.

Source: healthybiofood.com



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