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Read This Immediately Before Going To A Salon Again (It Might Just Save You From A Stroke!)

My least favorite part about getting my hair done at a salon is not the cost, or fear my hairdresser cut 3
inches, when I ask one actually is to have my hair washed and rinsed in the sink. You know the one; It is having a slot for your neck, but still oh-so-uncomfortable.

Indeed, there is something much more serious at stake than the discomfort. Your hairdresser may be putting you at risk of having a stroke Beauty Salon.

“A what?” It is a stroke caused by damage to blood vessels in the neck, as a result of sudden movements of tension and creates salon shampoo sink. A woman noticed the sudden weakness in his left arm and left leg about a week after a trip to your salon. Then, in about a week, he was rushed to hospital with nausea, projectile vomiting, and a head that was hot to the touch. Doctors confirmed he had suffered a stroke.

What is a stroke?
A stroke is a disease caused by restricted oxygen to the brain. When a blood vessel is blocked or damaged, it is carried abnormal blood flow or even coagulation. This reduced blood flow makes its way to the brain and kills brain cells. The physical consequences depend on the affected region of the brain was. For example, damage to the left side of the brain can lead to problems with speech and language problems or on the right side of the body. Damage to the right brain can lead to problems or vision loss in the left side of the # 5 body.Stroke is the most common cause of death in the US, and the # 1 most common cause of disability. Still, 80% of strokes could have been avoided!

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Symptoms of stroke:
unilateral weakness
fallen face
difficulty speaking (can I sound intoxicated)
The loss of vision, double vision or vision spinning
In the salon:
Protect your neck! Make sure your hairdresser hair washed in a sink that is comfortable for your height, or an adjustable chair. Always rest the back of his neck in at least one folded towel (more is better) to minimize stress.

At home:
Controlling your blood pressure. Blood pressure is the leading preventable factor in getting hits. Keeping blood pressure under control can make one of the biggest differences in stroke prevention.
Having a healthy, balanced diet. If you are eating foods that are high in trans fat, cholesterol and sodium, which is increasing the risk of stroke every day. Instead, focus on eating whole foods with healthy fat content, flavor your food with salt alternatives, and control their sugar intake. For more tips you can check out this article.
Stay active! It is not just about what you put in your body, it’s what you do with it. If your daily lifestyle lack of exercise increases the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
If you or someone around you, begin to experience symptoms of a stroke, seek medical attention immediately! The faster you respond to the warning signs, the better your chances of survival and recovery.

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