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Read How Miraculous Lanzones You Keep The Doctor Away!

I’ve been a journalist for a fairly long period of time, whose articles were connected nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Also, I am an eternal advocate for healthy eating habits and in recent months have dedicated to research of exotic fruits. The reason is: the exotic fruit exotic countries is increasingly available on the market, but knowledge of their huge profits from people is fading. My point is to encourage you to consume more exotic fruit, because it is 100% available in open markets. This habit of eating reduces the risk of disease ominous today.

For this reason in particular, I think you are interested in learning more about the health benefits of exotic fruits. I am eager to share some results I collected from my research on sandeels. If by now you are wondering what is, read this detailed description about the health benefits Lanzones.

Lanzones may not be popular to the extent they deserve, but, as I mentioned that exist in our markets open. This fruit is a simple way to improve your overall health. Lanzones fruit is also known as Lansium Parasiticum, Langsat or family coming buahluku typical mahogany in Southeast Asia and southern India.

When it comes to their appearance, sandeels fruits grow in clusters like grapes similarly with the small oval, round or elliptical having yellow color or light brown, like potatoes. All parts are useful for various treatments, for example, the bark of the tree, flat bitter seeds and shell.

Mainly, they occur because of the fruit with juicy flavor, exotic. People who grow this fruit in Thailand or the Philippines often make syrup sand eels to preserve this incredible flavor throughout the year. In addition, they can be cooked, however, they are best eaten raw

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Here are some of the super benefits of sandeels :.

Get the recommended daily intake of fiber

A diet high in fiber reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and also relieves symptoms of constipation, bloating and stomach pain pains. Consider that a handful of sand eels contains 2 g fiber, which means that you will meet 6% of the recommended amount of fiber for men and 8% for women daily intake.

Protect yourself from bloating, swelling and acute stomach cramps

Given the amount of fiber in sandeels, the resin in the bark of the sandeels fruit is also used against bloating , swelling and acute abdominal pain. bark resin is used for flatulence and gastrointestinal colic due to its anti-inflammatory elements.

Lanzones contain antioxidants in abundance

Antioxidants are the main ingredients of this fruit, such as carotene and polyphenols. The fight against free radicals never stops, but regular consumption of any of the Lanzones products which contributes significantly to the protection of cells mutilation. To have a body at its best we need to get rid of free radicals that cause many catastrophic diseases.

reward your body with riboflavin

Riboflavin or vitamin B2 helps the process of converting carbohydrates into usable energy. This is really useful during training or strict diets in order to avoid fatigue. By eating 100 g we satisfy the need for daily intake of vitamin B2 to 8% for men and women. Vitamin B2 is essential in the treatment of nervous system disorders.

reward your body with thiamine

Vitamin B1 is in these miraculous Lanzones fruits in abundance. Vitamin B1 promotes a healthy nervous system and the heart as riboflavin. Thiamine will make you more bearable to stressful situations. In general, thiamine sandeels is compatible with body tissues, such is the brain and improves its functions.

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Reward your body with vitamin A

Vitamin A is found in sandeels has many antioxidant properties and contributes to the health of the whole body, but regular consumption of vitamin A, the positive results are evident when it comes to our bones building, improve our vision of the eye in dark places, our nerve function, but also has an impact on our skin in a way that makes it more clean and bright, to the teeth and healthy hair and nails.

deworming and ulcer treatment with the help of sandeels

For those who suffer from acute ulcers, here is a potential solution. Sandeels seeds are inedible fruit. They are flat and bitter, but the secret of deworming and treatment of ulcers found in these seeds. To prepare the remedy you need to pound and mix the seeds Lanzones.

dysentery and malaria remedy

The bark of trees Lanzones is very easy to use as a remedy for dysentery and malaria. This is a traditional remedy. You can also cure scorpion sting bark powder.

Lanzones peel prevent diarrhea

The shell of sandeels stops symptoms of diarrhea and stops the pain of the intestines very effectively.

sandeels fruit is a potent antipyretic

sandeels Тhe fruit is very effective remedy for high temperature.

always dare to try new things, you might find something you really enjoy. This time I challenge you to buy some sand eels. Enjoy

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