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Raw food diet for a healthier life

raw food diet for a healthier life

This is not about the short and fast classic diet that will help in crisis situations when you want to lose weight quickly, but for a specific type of diet, which some people consider to be healthier and better quality.

This type of diet is based on nutrients of plants and inserting raw foods extremely thermal and industrial, because the followers of this diet believe that this type of food and animal altering acids balance in the body.

Consumed food should not be exposed to temperatures above 50 degrees, in order not to destroy the enzymes in plants that allow better digestion.

Some consumers of this diet and eat sushi raw fish, meat and salted fish carpaccio. Enter as many fruits and vegetables in all forms-salads, cereals, juices, teas, and cereals and grains are fermented for several weeks.

Raw food diet for a healthier life

Food can be full of water. Eaten and seeds such as sesame, sunflower, fruits like hazelnut, almond, walnut and nutmeg.

The fruit can be eaten dry, and prunes, apricots and raisins are a great dessert for people who opt for this type of diet.

Even the coffee is not prohibited coffee beans with water at temperatures of 50 degrees watered them, and wait for a better taste several days to extract the flavor.

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a minimum of 5 meals that are breakfast, lunch, dinner and two between meals are introduced.

Breakfast always begins with a glass of water with the addition of lemon juice.

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