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Rajasthan’s Doctors & Paramedics Undergo Training in Safe Delivery in Bengaluru

artist living in the city aims to reduce maternal, infant and child mortality in private hospitals

Bangalore: in a first type de- private initiative to improve the quality of care in institutional deliveries and postnatal services in private hospitals in Rajasthan, the artist based in Bangalore (Institute of Asian Research and Training Skill Transfer) organized 3-day workshop for doctors and paramedical staff Rajasthan in Bangalore.

A delegation of doctors and paramedical staff of hospitals Merrygold HLFPPT (Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust) in Rajasthan attended the training workshop in Bangalore by ARTIST. Artist and HLFPPT recently conducted a baseline survey of 75 private hospitals in Rajasthan and learned that hospitals received less than 30% in accordance with the quality standards in various aspects of delivery and postnatal care.

“This is the first major effort by a private establishment (Skill ARTIST Gurukool) to impart knowledge transfer and skills training to create master trainers, which in turn, through a training model waterfall, they train the teams Merrygold chain of hospitals. After this first phase of mobilization of the transmission of knowledge, new quality assessment will be conducted in an objective way to record improved performance level, to ensure better quality of care, “said Dr. Hema Divakar, Chairperson, artist, speaking at the concluding session of the workshop.

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Family planning, insurance, prenatal, intranatal abortions, post-natal care and institutional deliveries by skilled health personnel tested measures to prevent maternal deaths. Similarly, neonatal resuscitation, early initiation of breastfeeding, immunization, early treatment of infections in newborns, babies supplementary supervision low, etc., can go a long way to avoid deaths among newborns and infants. However, simply increasing access to or provision of these services is not sufficient unless due also emphasizes improving the quality of these services, add Dr. Hema which is also the FOGSI Ambassador of the FIGO (International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics) and OBGYN international reputation.

The workshop skills transfer includes role playing and simulations simulator for a first-hand experience of deliveries in real time, creating stations skills “hand delivery” with equipment and drugs , conducting a normal process of actual delivery, management of complications.

“We are fighting very high rates of neonatal mortality. Of the nearly 28 million babies born in our country each year 29 babies are lost for each staff transfer programs help 1000. Ability to handle the situation efficiently, for example, Resuscitation is an art and skill. it has to be systematically at the right time, “said Dr. Ranjan Kumar Pejavar, President, FAOPS (Federation of Asia Oceania perinatal) and Consultant neonatologist and pediatrician .

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