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Quilling Art: How to Make a Vibrant Peacock Feather Using Paper Quilling

Quilling technique is one of those art forms that is gaining rapid pace in the manufacture of a special place in the hearts of all lovers of art and craft. tubular designs have an extra touch of dimension. The enormous versatility offered quilled paper designs is wide and full of variety. Ranging from free designs to contemporary and modern versions of designs, quilling art encompasses an abundance of designs.

The pure simplicity of quilling art is that you do not need to spend endless amount of money to make some beautiful designs Quilling.

We at stylenrich.com do everything possible to bring new and creative designs and invent ways to add to the beauty of your home decor. We have taken the initiative to make a beautiful and vibrant peacock feather using Quilling art.

How to Make a Vibrant Peacock Feather Using Paper Quilling Art...

How to make a vibrant peacock feather paper use Quilling art …

Paper Quilling Art it is one of those forms that requires a deft hand and a stable and creative mind. Let your imagination when it comes to the choice of designs and colors. And the end result is totally worth the hard work.

Let how to make a vibrant peacock feather using Quilling paper.

Material needed for P Pen eacock Quilling Art

Peacock-feather-quilling-craft Peacock-feather-quilling-for-decoration

  • A blank paper
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Quilling needle
  • silver glitter
  • decorative pearl
  • Quilling strips in colors – green Sap, turquoise, pink, orange

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Procedure pen P eacock use art Quilling

. Step 1: Take a paper and draw the outline of the peacock feather

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. Step 2: This functions as a roadmap very useful for you while gluing strips Quilling


. Step 3: start by making a tight coil with the help of the needle quilling, and stick to the end of it with adhesive


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Step 4: Click tight coils in the colors of blue, green and orange. Once tight coils of these colors are arranged, mold and shape like a tear drop.


Step 5 :. Also in this quilling paper design start hitting them in the form of tight coils in the center of the pen tear


Step 6 :. Arrange and glue them on the basis of design that has outlined more or less on paper, blue keeping in the center and surrounded with orange and green, respectively


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Step 7: Follow this with shaping and molding strip blue according to curves feather. Once again the band keeps on paper with the drawing as a guide to help you know the twists and turns of the pen.

Step 8 :. Instead of paste into the flat shape usual, paste the strip quilling vertically in order to give a different look


Step 9: Move a loose green, and does not stick to the end. Organize within the blue band, followed by the arrangement of the strip Pink.


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Step 10 :. Use your fingers and needle quilling accordingly so that the strip to flex curves quilling pen

Step 11 :. Add quilling strips vertically and paste more colors and work your way outward in training and design layout


Step 12 :. With the help of the needle quilling make soft coils towards the ends of the pen

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Step 13 :. Cut the remaining strips after covering the design

. Step 14: Finally give the glamor glitter adding sparkle and a decorative pearl in the center



is not the end result of Quilling art paper worth all the creativity you just invest in it? Quilling art in the form of a peacock feather is ready to collect praise from everyone.

Give him Quilling art insurance try to see the result for yourself. Quilled paper technique is quickly becoming a very popular form of art that is being used by a lot of people decorate their homes as part of home decoration.

did inspire you? We would like to see the designs created with paper quilling designs! share your thoughts in the comments section!

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