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Quick home remedies to relieve wisdom tooth pain

wisdom tooth is known as third molars. Pain is one of the common things associated with wisdom tooth. The pain associated with wisdom tooth can arise unexpectedly and without warning or gradually increase.

What to do in such conditions? Are there any home remedies for it? Yes, with the help of some home remedies you can relieve tooth pain. Some of the home remedies for sore wisdom tooth are presented.

Nail: Place one or two teeth in his mouth, near the wisdom teeth pain. Nails release oil will start and this oil can help relieve pain. Another alternative for this remedy is a paste that can be done on your own. All you need for this is a clove of crushed garlic, a few drops of clove oil and a pinch of rock salt. Make a paste of these ingredients and apply it in areas where you have pain. Let the paste is thick.

guava leaves: The guavas are is not only healthy and tasty. Guava leaves also help reduce the pain caused by wisdom teeth. Guava leaves are considered as an excellent reliever for toothache. Choose a guava leaf and let the juice liberation touching the region where there is pain. a sheet or two tender guava leaves slowly to release their juice into his mouth. Another option is to boil 4-6 guava leaves in 1 cup water for about 5 minutes. Strain the water and let it cool. Use it as a mouthwash 2 times a day to relieve the pain of wisdom teeth.

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Sal You may have seen the TV commercials where the host asks if your toothpaste has salt in it. Salt is an effective treatment for pain caused by wisdom teeth remedy. For a glass of warm water add a teaspoon of salt. Whoosh hot water in the mouth. Repeat several times a day and this will help to reduce pain. The added advantage of this remedy is that it helps keep germs away.



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