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PSA: you need this iPhone cleaning spell to get rid of your ex's DM before Mercury retrograde


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Once again, for the people in the back: Mercury, the planet famous for the Internet (well, famous for space as well) that rules over communication, the brain and technology, is retrograde on Halloween. Along with the canceled brunch plans, small text messages about the brunch that will be read incorrectly and calls to technical support because your phone does not mind brunch, ghosts and zombies appear.

(Translation: that slip to the right that mysteriously disappeared, and the randos with which he really connected, then disappeared, then sent him occasional "hello" text messages, respectively).

Sometimes this can be a pleasant surprise. Other times, as a professional witch, I receive midnight emails requesting a Reading emergency tarot cards. For the record: that means it's time for some grapefruit essential oil, some deep breaths (for clarity of appointments) and some tea spilling as soon as possible.

Fortunately, this is the last retrograde Mercury of the year and there are many positive aspects of this planetary phenomenon such as: opportunities to complete ongoing projects, reorganize your whole life and become more in the moment. But ex-boyfriends who reappear when you're finally ready to move on can be very emotional and turn everything upside down.

Of course, your reappearance is sometimes in the flesh, meeting you in your favorite coffee place, but most likely they will slip on your phone! You know, that's a bit disturbing if Really Think about it: our phones are portals of so much visual information that affects our mental well-being, which means that, on a mystical level, we are receiving positive and negative vibrations through these black glass screens. * The more you know … *

The good news: it's all the energy at the end of the day and there are ways to transform it.

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So, if you are dealing with ghosts that reappear, it is time for an iPhone exorcism to eliminate the vibrations of the vine and set some limits. I work daily with clients to eliminate toxic dating patterns and one of the tips I give them is Place your phone on a plate of pink Himalayan salt overnight to purge unwanted energy. Throw the salt in the morning with the intention of throwing disappointing dates.

Do this too: The next time you burn cleansers at home, opening your doors and windows so you can let the ghosts out (don't everyone do this?!), pass your phone over the smoke while you're at it This will erase bad vibes in your DM.

Of course, you must continue all this by unfollowing, blocking or silencing anyone who needs it. And this will give you power, and help you channel your inner witch while you do it. Goodbye ghost!

Michael Cardenas is the chief witch in charge of Olde Ways, an Internet center for mystical information, magical services and pharmacy items.

Source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a29575836/iphone-cleansing-spell-mercury-retrograde/

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