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Proven Recipe of prof. Mermerski against back pain

The main symptom of the disease called disc disease is acute back pain, mainly located in the lower part of the spine, but sometimes the pain and it occupies the entire back.

If you suffer from a discopathy should read and use these recipes famous professor Mermerski , which deals with the treatment of disease by using the force of nature.

Prescription 1

To prepare medication you will need a potato and an onion. Grate, add a little salt and mix well. A thick layer of the mixture of place in a diseased part, covered with gauze. So you must stay overnight.

back pain Prescription 2

make a solution of vinegar and a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate .

solution immersed in a piece of bread. Bread put on the sick place, cover with gauze. Therefore there must be at night.

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