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Prom Makeup Ideas: How to Look Beautiful in Your Prom

With prom season on the road, a lot of teenagers are probably poring over magazines to find tips party makeup and articles on how to look beautiful in your prom. While general guidelines are sufficient, it is also important not to overdo it out. Imitating celebrities and their appearance can be complicated and may not look as good in a prom as they do on the red carpet. So here are some dance makeup ideas do wonders for your long awaited occasion!

Prom makeup ideas

Prom makeup ideas that do wonders for your long-awaited chance …!

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ideas makeup to look beautiful Prom

1. Make your perfect and glowing skin on your dancing party

To better prom makeup , you have to start from the basics – making your skin look perfect. As prom goers are all under 25, your skin should be healthy, but sometimes do not look bright. And if you feel less secure about your skin tone will go for these quick tips:

  • basis applies in only a very thin layer. Do not place the burn with difficulty.
  • Instead of the pharmacy, go to a department store where you can try a foundation and find one that fits closely with your skin.
  • Buying a long-lasting formula to maintain intact all night appearance.
  • make your skin look-up using a cream blush. Apply on your cheeks and mix well.

Face makeup

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2. eye or lip makeup for prom: Pick one

This may be the only time you get to the wrist really up. The best makeup for prom is achieved through moderation. Choose either the mouth or eyes and highlight what you like.

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If you are highlighting your lips –

  • line inside your lips for lipstick does not bleed into the skin.
  • Network creates more impressive visual impact, but can choose a lot of different shades in the red spectrum. From shades of pink to brown – pick your favorite
  • is best not to try mixing two lipsticks, if you are not used to it..

Lip Eye Makeup

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If you are highlighting your eyes –

  • A first – black is the conventional choice
  • .

  • An eye shadow will follow. You can stick to a darker shade for smoky eyes or go bold with white or silver glitter. the application of eye makeup is very delicate; get someone to help you if you can not handle alone.
  • If you feel comfortable with it, you can try long false effect.

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3. match your makeup with your prom dress

dance looks are only complete when makeup and clothing are well coordinated.

  • Choose a dress whose color matches the color of makeup and style.
  • If you are using a classic halter neck dress, use makeup to enhance the look of the grape harvest.

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4. To define the appearance Peinado

Prom hair and makeup are important because the look ends with the party dress. Here they are some latest trends hairstyle can take:

  • polished pony -. Use a smoothing product on wet hair and tie a high ponytail for this look
  • Roman horse tail -. For this ponytail, you have to tie a silk metal cord around her hair in a crisscross pattern
  • Rizos -. To make your hair look naturally curly, use styling wax and roll
  • bow -. This is a classic hairstyle and can associate this with a vintage dress and makeup

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5. Hide acne or blemishes with makeup trick

a grain is the last thing you want when you go to the prom. To hide a pimple or blemish, follow these steps:

  • Use a concealer to hide the stain or grain. This mix if the grain size is too large, you may not be able to hide too well.
  • to reduce swelling and redness, apply tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide .

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With this prom makeup ideas in hand, follow ahead and start preparing for the special prom night! Do not forget to share your photos makeup party with us.

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