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Prevent macular degeneration with the right nutrients

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macular-eye(NaturalHealth365) The leading cause of blindness in adults over 50 years is the degeneration macular . Americans Up to 11 million older people have some degree of macular degeneration related to the aging process. At 75 years, 30 percent of people have this eye condition.

However, it is known that certain plant carotenoids to help reduce the risk of macular degeneration and slow its progression. In fact, recent studies specifically show that it can improve vision by consuming only 20 mg a day of saffron draw .

Saffron is an aromatic spice used in cooking. It is derived from the crocus flower, which grows mainly in Spain and France. Scientists have found that a daily supplement of this spice flavor can help improve visual acuity and sensitivity to light. Patients with macular degeneration who consumed daily saffron significantly improve vision . Over time, as many as two additional lines eye chart can be seen on the standard eye chart optometrists. “

The main cause of macular degeneration is exposure to ultraviolet light and visible light . chemical attack of excess glucose or oxygen in the bloodstream may also contribute. These factors make cells sensitive to light which decompose retina. If this continues, vision loss and blindness can result.

the preservation of the structural integrity of the macula is crucial to prevent its degeneration. saffron has been found to protect the macula and help prevent the breakdown of light-sensitive cells in the center. these benefits saffron help address macular degeneration in their cause age-related.

in an initial study of saffron, patients in the early stages of macular degeneration related to age were given a placebo or 20 mg per day of saffron. Improvements in responses to light the eyes were significantly stronger in the group saffron , indicating the healthiest retinal cells.

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A second study found that saffron taking saffron were also stronger in visual acuity, or sharpness in distance vision. saffron supplementation definitely helps the detection capabilities of light eyes, slowing the progression of macular degeneration. After three months, patients could see another complete line of the eye chart.

Take saffron 20 mg per day also had effects on long-term health. After 14 months, participants had acquired the ability to see two lines on the eye chart. Clearly, long-term supplementation produced benefits even deeper vision.

Another vision enhancer known alpha-carotene is the nutrient. People with high levels of alpha-carotene in their systems have a 32 percent lower risk of macular degeneration related to aging . Taking alpha-carotene, saffron extracts along with other key nutrients and strengthening retina can be a powerful naturally to protect view vision loss.

The benefits of saffron and alpha-carotene have been further enhanced when astaxanthin , nutrients such as cyanidin-3-glucoside lutein and zeaxanthin are taken. Carrots, tomatoes, peppers, citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are all foods that contain nutrients for eye health. However, research confirms that it can improve vision by taking a supplement of saffron 20 mg a day.



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