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Prevent diabetes with simple changes to cooking methods

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steam-veggies (NaturalHealth365) Turns out the food methods preparation and cooking play an important role in healthy food is for you. Foods that are processed or helps prevent diabetes and lower glucose, weight and promote longevity minimally cooked.

In contrast, studies have shown that foods cooked or processed at high temperatures cause the release of the end products of advanced glycation harmful and mutagens.

Preventing diabetes: Why heavily cooked or heat-processed foods should be minimized

Generally, cooking (at high temperatures) tend to create glycation end products (AGE) – causing tissues lose their function and age prematurely. These cellular changes damage DNA and increase the risk of cancer.

Specifically, the heat processed and roasted meats tend to be higher glycation end products, with highly toxic levels of these substances. However, sample pan levels in the toxic range, and followed by broiling, which causes high levels of glycation end products. Remember, higher levels of mutagens are associated with higher levels of glycation end products.

Science Ties glycation end products to cancer and diabetes

glycation Recently, studies have linked the cooked meat with chronic inflammation and a strong increase in the risk of breast and prostate cancer. When food is heated to over 300 degrees, chemical changes that cause cell damage occurs. Men who eat only 1.5 or more servings of cooked meat or grilled week have a 50 percent increased risk of prostate cancer .

By contrast, a study of diabetics who ate a diet of cooked food at low temperatures lost more weight than those who consumed the same calories, fat, carbohydrates and cooked at higher temperatures proteins. The low temperature group also experienced reductions in their blood glucose and LDL cholesterol numbers.

Cooking methods are a key to health and can prevent diabetes. Avoid heat processed foods and meat cooked at high temperatures reduces harmful end products of advanced glycation and prevents toxins and carcinogens mutant DNA formation.

The discovery of a healthier way to prepare meals

The superheated now associated with cancer food, diabetes and accelerated aging, it is crucial to pay attention to the methods of food preparation and kitchen used. While the data supports a raw food diet as the ideal option, there are other ways to help mitigate the harmful effects of glycation internal proteins of cooked foods.

Consumption of raw vegetables and fruits more often is an obvious step, but lighter cooking food can help too. Steamed fish, chicken, vegetables and legumes are much healthier, as are minimally processed whole grains and raw dairy products.

The health benefits of steaming, boiling, poaching and marinated foods

In addition to steaming, cooking methods such as stewing, poaching and boiling can help reduce the formation of advanced glycation end products. For example, boiled chicken has at least 80 percent lower level of AGE chicken grilled.

acidic foods soaked in marinades before cooking can help with inhibiting the formation of AGE also. They based marinades vinegar and / or citrus fruit with added seasonings are also an excellent way to improve the taste of the meat before cooking.








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