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Press These Pressure Points on Your Wrist To Fall Asleep Faster And Make Anxiety Go Away

Acupuncture is an effective way to treat insomnia, and is without side effects. Insomnia can be caused by several reasons. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) each person has their own pattern describing how and when the body is out of balance. Therefore, we can address the imbalances with the help of hair like needles. These needles are placed in specific points along the meridians that run through the human body.

heart and pericardium 6 July are very powerful acupuncture points for the treatment of insomnia. These points are linked in a number of ways. Qi feeling when a person feels they need to close the relationship between its calming effect and “Shen” alias spirit and their anatomical location, these two points are an excellent duo to promote sleep.

pressure points on wrist

Heart 7

Shenmen, meaning Puerta Spirit, is the name of this point has in traditional Chinese medicine. Moreover, Neiguan, meaning Interior Door, is the name of pericardium 6. Sometimes both of these doors should open in order to remove the evil from within, but also to receive positive from the outside.

Heart 7 is located on the outer side of the transverse crease of his writings. You can notice a slight depression on the radical side of the ulnar tendon. This is where the point is. However, sometimes I prefer to put the needle on the ulnar side which is under the ulnar tendon. The results are the same, however, can be more pleasant for the patient.

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pericardium 6

This point is inside the cars, about 2 finger widths of transverse crease of the wrist. This point is located in the middle of the two tendons (flexor carpi radial and palmar long) that run along your arm. When activated, it provides a powerful radiating sensation in the channels, like for 7 Heart.

Obviously, there are more than two points that are used during acupuncture treatment. In order to heal the body, there must be a comprehensive approach to the mind-body-soul.

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