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Press the forefinger and hold for 60 seconds, After that you will never go to the doctor

Whenever we have some pain, first we go to the doctor or taking medications. However, after this text to be sure, you do not need to take medication and therefore to poison your body, or wait in the waiting rooms in hospitals.

The thumb is associated with the heart and lungs. When you have a fast heartbeat, rub your thumb and pull it out. As a result, the heart rate will slow down.


The index finger
The index finger is connected to colon and stomach. If you often have constipation or stomach pain? Press the index finger, rub it on the duration of 60 seconds, then pull it out. For a short time you will notice improvement


The middle finger
The middle finger is connected to the heart, small intestine, blood and respiratory system. Stretch your finger and rub during the trip feel nausea, dizziness or sleeplessness.


ring finger
This finger has a powerful influence on your mood, so if you think you fall into depression, rub your finger and quickly a feeling feel of calm and relaxation.


The little finger
The little finger is associated with the kidneys, even with pain in the neck muscles. Massaging the little finger, and soon will feel a great relief!

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Palms are associated with the nervous system, so if you want to protect your mental health, then we recommend slap.

You should try this method!

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