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Prepare For A Huge Energy Shift On September 30, 2016 – Rare Black Moon Rising In Scorpio

What you are special in a black moon? Well, black moons are very similar to blue moons, besides being the exact opposite. black moons appear only if there are two new moons in the same month.

Since we already had a new moon on the first of September, the next new moon is supposed to rise in Scorpio September 30 is considered to be a black moon as it is the second new moon of the month.

Blue moons only never happen whenever you have two full moons in the same month, which means that the second full moon blue moon would be considered.

Therefore, what you can do to prepare for this astronomical event?

Fortunately, it will not be as difficult as you think it is taking into account the latest important, such as Mercury retrograde during the last three weeks, you will not have to worry about any form of communication that is unprecedented changes.

Indeed, during this time you should be expecting a big change in the positive energy, and it spreads by contagion, like fire to every person on earth.

You may not exactly be able to see the black moon and new moon are technically the first phase of the cycle that usually means you will not be able to see at all.

However, despite not being able to see the moon in the black sky, you certainly feel tremendous energy that is flowing through the universe.

This is a time for creative people and artists to really tap into this power of the black moon and take advantage of all the new ideas and points of view in order to see their real / potential in making a work teacher.

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you see all the steps necessary for success and all the things that the discovery about himself in the process. Not exclude new ideas because there’s always more than one point of view that you are not seeing properly.

is also a good idea to balance with all its negative and positive emotions.If that is entering this important change with negative thoughts, then you can reverse the feeling instantly with the help of the black moon.

Energy is so large that it is probably not going to feel any negativity in the first place.

However, it will help even more if you are able to adjust their thinking into something productive and beneficial for you to really experience the raw power emanating from the black moon.

Keep your eye open for new opportunities presented to you. With the black crescent moon, you will have to make every single possible change.

This allows you to move on in his life as well as the fulfillment of something you’ve been working very hard over a long period of time.

Allow yourself to experience a new beginning, and ends with some of the old roles he has been devoting his time to the last few months.

Essentially, in order to prepare for the black moon, just be as open as it is can.Be open to new people, new places, new ideas, new homes, new friends, almost everything! This change will be huge!

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