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Premature Graying: Eliminate Gray Hair And Stimulate Hair Growth With These Simple Tricks

Gray hair is a sign that time is passing and we are becoming more. We associate the enhancer fact start moving the elderly, but in some cases it is not always so. Some people have premature graying and begin to notice these changes when they are still very young.
This may be due to several reasons of genetic predisposition, the principal, but others such as hormonal changes, stress, poor diet and colds even to repeat.

Melanin is the pigment that gives color to the hair, but over time, this substance is lost until the body stops producing and that is when the gray hairs begin to appear.

tinctures enter the market to eliminate this problem and help us keep our hair color, but do not forget that these toxic chemicals is no longer substances that come into contact with our skin.


Why not, then try a natural approach?

First, ideally change the diet and try to incorporate foods rich in iron, iodine, copper and vitamin B. This contributes to a strong and healthy hair. Here are five natural remedies that help delay premature aging proceed.

1- lemon juice and coconut oil: coconut oil moisturizes hair, gives shine, softness and stimulates their growth. By containing antioxidants, hair color change significantly, provided that applied regularly. Mix 3 tablespoons lemon coconut oil, as much as necessary depending on the length of your hair. Massaging the scalp and spread throughout the length. Let stand for 1 hour and shampooing. Do this once a week treatment 1.

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2 sage and rosemary: Both herbs have the power to darken hair Take a handful of each of these herbs and boil in ¾ liter of water for half an hour. Cool and apply on the hair for 20 minutes. Repeat treatment every week.

3 Indian gooseberry Indian gooseberry is a fruit that has the power to improve the health of our hair. Retrieves the color, adds shine and prevents the fall; all that thanks to its antioxidants and vitamin C. Boil several fruits in coconut oil until dissolved. Cool and apply the mixture on the scalp and long hair. Cover your head so you can leave it overnight and in the morning wash normally. Do this treatment two times a week. You can also apply the fruit pulp in the hair, or eat fruit with the same purpose.

onion juice 4- onion juice is a home remedy that exists for a long time to hide gray hair and strengthen weak hair. The researchers also found that gray hair which arise as a result of the decline “ catalase ” antioxidant in hair follicles. Onions contributes to the production of this antioxidant. Extract the juice of an onion, is allowed to act on the hair for 40 minutes and usually washes. Repeat this procedure as often as you can for 2 weeks.

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days of black tea 5- premature graying have been numbered with the use of black tea. Boil two tablespoons of black tea in 1 cup water, add another teaspoon salt and let cool. Apply this infusion on the hair for 40 minutes and wash normally. Repeat two times a week, this same treatment. Use these tricks to get your color and share with your friends, so that others can use.

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