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Pregnancy Sleep Combats

Your baby has taken over his body and does not care much for your bladder or cervix. Contractions supportable or perhaps hell and you’re probably feeling tired to the bone, even before dinner. But it seems that their relationship with sleep also is slowly beginning to disappear. Gone are the days when napped through horror movies and commute during their first trimester. Now you put awake at 3 am asking “How the hell do I need to pee again?”


Sleep deprivation is quite normal during pregnancy and persist even after the baby is around and then time is balanced. Until he / she grows up a little more and then one day decides to tell that they are moving out, you can expect that sleep deprivation to make a comeback.

Here are 3 common sleep issues experienced by pregnant women and what they can do to help the situation:

1. Loo midnight adventures: you seem to be more committed to the bathroom of her bed and we have reached a point where you can not seem to differentiate between the two. Spend as much time coming and going from bed to loo at night has given him a new appreciation found adult diapers.

Tip- Keep a large bottle of water with you and make sure the tank through the first half of the day. Curbing subsequent fluid intake 4 pm and only drink something when necessary. This will help keep you out of the toilet at night and in bed longer.

2. Acceptance of insomnia: accept that it has a problem is better than being in a state of denial and stressing over your lack of sleep. You will stay awake thinking about the future of your child and where to go to college and then start highlighting on enrollment, while collecting names in the background.

Tip Use this time to rummage through his things creepily to prepare for DIY projects or keep a journal. If you choose to accept your mission, practice light stretching exercises for blood circulation assistant.

3. Sleeping Positions useless: One of the larger veins of the body goes just below the uterus. By sleeping on your back during pregnancy, it is believed that there are chances that the collapsed vein, the weight of the fetus or affect the blood supply through the legs and the heart of the mother and the change of direction that affects the uterus increases.

Tip- Investing in the pillows, which are your new best friends. Consider your sleep patterns and the position and pick up pillows for each style. Start with a full pregnancy pillow body and then go crazy

FYI :.
a) Studies have shown, women exposed to secondhand smoke of snuff were more likely to have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep (together with breathing difficulties) compared with women who were not.

b) You can buy pillows that are microwaveable and natural lavender scented. Follow package directions and place these pillows for relaxation and bedtime.

c) A small natural light exposure during the afternoon will help regulate your body’s circadian (sleep-wake) cycle.

If you find yourself struggling to get much done due to lack of sleep and only feel dizzy and weak all day, consult your doctor and discuss what is happening and what can be done.

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