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Potatoes, are they good or bad?

A scientific study says that four servings of potatoes a week increases the risk of hypertension associated with obesity. Another study shows that seven servings of potatoes a week led participants to lose weight. Um … what is it?

A recent study published in a journal, British Medical Journal found that four or more portions, cooked, chips, fries or baked week mashed leads to increased risk of hypertension associated with obesity. And if the potatoes replace vegetables, such as broccoli and spinach, then it is associated with lower blood pressure. healthy-life-content-potatoes2

However, research published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that subjects who consumed seven servings of potatoes a week, actually managed to lose weight. Seven servings a week – it’s just a lot of potatoes! Because, as has been shown by researchers, the problem was not the potatoes, but …

Potatoes in the American diet, usually eaten with lots of butter, cream and heavy sauces. In this second experiment, participants who lost weight ate stored potatoes in a healthy way – and that’s it. When potatoes are prepared healthy, they are become very useful food. What does the healthy preparation? roasted or boiled potatoes, topped with a little oil, Greek yogurt served with a good portion of salad. And that is the key to success. And if eating white bread and pasta, as a source of complex carbohydrates in the diet, replace them with potatoes, which can only benefit. Here’s why.

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They contain very few calories. It may come as a surprise – but white with an average size contains only 163 calories. And since there are plenty of potato starch is more difficult to digest (ie, resistant starch), we do not use even those 163 calories. Therefore, if you bake and eat two or three potatoes with a little olive oil, or Greek yogurt, or with a few slices of avocado, or with sauce, it will be very low calorie food. Things will certainly change significantly if all this pour some heavy sauce full of flour and fat … So, do not hesitate to invade potatoes -. Prepared in a healthy way, of course

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