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Playing Pokémon Go has health benefits too


While augmented reality (AR) based smartphone game Pokemon Go is spreading like fire around the world, researchers have found health benefits that these games can bring their users.

According to the researchers, Pokemon Go stimulates substantial amounts of physical activity in many game players likely, otherwise sedentary without trying.

“We could call this stealth programming ‘Exergame’ and have much to learn about how to do this!” Said Tom Baranowski, Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas.

The combination of AR technology, geocaching and other novel techniques to create innovative active video games (GVA) has potential implications for personal and public health, the study said.

The team identified many lessons from GPD based Pokemon Go where players can connect hours of walking as physically pursue Pokémon animated creatures from video images that appear on their phones intelligent.

“game developers could then use this information to create new games that would be both fun to play and promote beneficial physical activity,” the authors said in an article that appeared in games for the website of Health Journal.

The game uses the GPS to track the location of a player and Overlays “monsters” that can be hunted at that location on the screen of your mobile. Captured monsters can be trained for battle.

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The massive popularity of the game AR has broken many a record.

While on a daily basis, which is being used twice as much as the Facebook App for Android, the popular application from Niantic labs have the most downloads in the first week since Apple launched its store iOS applications eight years ago.

During his first week, Pokemon GO users spent 75 minutes per day of play, compared to only 35 minutes in the Facebook application, media reported.

augmented reality game also has become the most downloaded mobile application in its first week of release in the history of the application store.

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