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Plant This and Say Goodbye to Spiders, Mice and Other Unwanted Pests in Your Home. Really.

An infestation of mice is probably one of the worst things that can happen in your home, and if they have experienced, and know that their removal is extremely difficult.

Numerous methods offered to help, in this case, are far from pleasant, and hire an exterminator can be very expensive.

However, no one wants to live in the same house with mice!

Well, we have some good NEWS- there a simple way and completely natural to get rid of micelles using mint!

Apparently, mice hate their smell, so it is an incredibly effective natural repellent. There are three ways that you can use in order to quickly resolve the problem:

mint plants

This is the easiest way to get rid of mice at home. All you need to do is distribute mint plants throughout the house, in the garden, and where necessary, and will protect the home and give it a nice smell good.

peppermint sock

If you need a quick fix, simply place several pills of dried mint in a sock, tie, and place it somewhere in the house, near a hole, hole, or areas where mice are met.


Spray DIY

This spray is very effective and easy to do. Should boil some water, then soak some dried mint leaves in it. When they are fully concentrated strain the enclosure, and let the mixture cool. Then simply transfer the liquid into a spray bottle, and spray around the house.

Be sure to spray all areas where mice have noticed, in cabinets, corners, closets.

For enhanced effect, you can use additional versions concentrated mint, such as peppermint oil. In addition, soak cotton balls in this oil and distribute them around your house.

Thus, it can also repel ants, bees, aphids, beetles, looper worm, squash bugs and whiteflies. This is an inexpensive and natural way to protect your home from these unwanted visitors and deal with the infestation.

In the next video in the bulk herb shop will provide additional information on how to solve these problems at home, so watch out!



The Plant this and say goodbye to spiders, mice and other unwanted pests in your home. Really.

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