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Planning Your Vegan Cinco de Mayo


is Cinco de Mayo, which means it’s time to break the avocado, make a little sauce, cut some pieces of lime (maybe a few extras for shots of tequila), grill or saute the vegetables for fajitas, and make your favorite Mexican dish. Despite what many people think, Cinco de Mayo is not an overwhelming day for vegans or vegetarians. There endless possibilities that are just as good, if not healthier and better, than their opponents meaty. Be creative and see what flavors can be placed on the foldable, versatile vehicle that is a tortilla.

Before continuing, let’s take one second to note that Cinco de Mayo is an official, regional holiday in Puebla, Mexico. It is a day that has been transformed by the Americans in a day of drinking and shenanigans themes and Mexico. Cinco de Mayo, commemorating the Battle of Puebla actually occurred 52 years after the actual Independence Day of Mexico September 16 Regardless, Cinco de Mayo is an opportunity to immerse himself in Mexico and the United States culture and cuisine, so get cooking!

If you do not feel like hitting the ground after the fourth shot tequila and would have preferred to eat himself in a state of food eat (is it a coincidence that eat is the word to eat in Spanish ???), it is important to have a variety of dishes ranging from hot to cold, hot to mild. Salsas are always an important part of a party. I try a tomatillo sauce or avocado mango sauce , and prepare a mild guacamole to soothe the palate.

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Now for the main course, the piece de resistance. This dish or can be labor intensive or a quick fix. You can do veggie tacos enchiladas , or it can be a little fantasy with a spaghetti pumpkin bowl donkey . There are all kinds of tasty Mexican network that can be made and put your own spin.

After dinner facing the crucial decision of whether or not a desert. Who are we kidding? The desserts are always delicious and a must, especially at a party! Try this vegetarian pudding to add a little sweetness to the end of the meal. After you’ve delighted with the desert, throw back a margarita without alcohol (even do this at dinner) and break the music to be happy and dance all night. Everyone Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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