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Plank Exercise Benefits for Core Strength

Plank exercises involve holding your body, especially in the abdomen, in a formation shaped rigid bridge over a long period of time. They have subtle variations that have varying effects in tone your body. Most of these variations include development components of core strength that focus on building muscle and fat burning techniques.

Plank exercises not only train the muscles, but train your mind and help develop a symbiotic relationship between mind and body.


Benefits Plank exercises

The point of exercise is not enough to move the body to lose weight or get a stellar body, but to gain control of your body. This is where your mind goes, marathon runners and professional lifters are able to control your mind, which is no longer dominated by negative thoughts, but instead becomes a positive that you encouraging entity and its body pushes to cross the boundaries that in order to be a better you.

Plank exercises are a step in that direction. Although apparently easy, these exercises challenge your mind and your control over your body as you fight to maintain the position. Few of physical benefits of exercise boards are:

Force Base

The core muscles are the major muscles of the abdomen and sides that are responsible for supporting the back, shoulders and other muscles. A strong core means that you are strong enough to do heavy work or fit enough to run for miles.

Plank exercises expect that lets you control your breathing muscles at the base while holding the position. In a position to block such elongated, forming their core muscles starts.

The human body has three types of muscles, and the most visible are those attached to bones, that tighten when you do any hard exercise. These core muscles are tense and begin to break down as it does a plank. Releasing the plank, the technique of muscle relaxation helps build stronger muscles and better fast in the body. As a result of continually challenge your core muscles, to develop a strong core.

abdominal tones, shoulders and lower back

The same process of breaking and muscle repair applies to the process of toning the muscles, while maintaining a table. As you inhale and exhale for a long plank block, the calories in your body to burn and muscles, especially in the region of abs, shoulders and back, break to facilitate the body position.

This break is not permanent or harmful. When the body relaxes, and with the help of a suitable protein-rich diet, these muscles are built back faster and stronger. As your muscles become more toned and more visible, layers of fat in your body to burn regularized breathing and closure plate.

Good Posture:

Humans have a tendency to relax your body, often in positions that are not very good for the skeletal system. As a result, the body becomes complacent and skeleton begins to bend his back a semblance of type C.

A good board will strengthen the back and core and give a good stretch the muscles so that you do not feel the need to bend over and sit in one position previously considered comfortable.

Often, poor posture is the result of accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles of too less work. When a table lock is held down, the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles used in relaxation and contraction of muscles, instead of making you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, the posture is improved.

Easy to do:

Plank exercises are often the easiest to do. Holding a table is not difficult and can start at any level of difficulty, in a comfortable position for you. When you feel comfortable at that level, then you can go ahead and advance to difficult wineries and other combinations of boards.

Increases flexibility:

Plank exercises stretch muscles and give strong toned muscles that help increase their flexibility . Flexibility in the human body is the result of elongated lean muscles, which are one of the benefits of exercise board.

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Different exercises for Plank Plank benefits of exercise

1. Basic board:

is a basic plank exercise easier to start with which works on the abdominal muscles , thighs and buttocks, but more importantly, in the muscles of the abdomen. The most important thing you need to know for this exercise is that breathing has to be monitored and most of your weight should be concentrated in your abdomen.


Carrying out a plank again:

  • Lie on your stomach and keep your arms flat on the floor so that when lifted himself elbows are perpendicular to the shoulders.
  • Raise your hips to put pressure on the abdomen and not the back. No form an arch with your hips.
  • Try to keep your body as straight as possible. In this position, you will not feel any pressure on the upper back. Doing so is likely to doing wrong to try to change your weight moving his hips a little.
  • Now, ease her breathing taking deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly, so that your abdomen is relaxed and can easily hold the position table.
  • Keep this basic plank position for 20 seconds and then relax. Try holding for 30 seconds the next time; progress for 10 seconds each time.
  • do four or five repetitions for a good workout abdomen.

2. sideboards

This board lock hold down

  • Lie on your side and swinging on the lower arm, keeping the elbow perpendicular shoulder.
  • stretch the other arm toward the ceiling, as straight then you can lift your stomach while on the side.
  • You should form a 60 degree angle with the floor with your legs straight and tucked abdomen. This exercise works the obliques and as regular practice controlled breathing, you will be able to hold the plate for 20 seconds or more.
  • Turn and repeat on the other side.
  • do four to five repetitions for excellent results.

3. Spider-man board:

In this bulletin:

  • The celebration begins of a database table. Then take your right and take it to his chest leg while holding the body as still as possible.
  • By bringing the leg forward, her right buttock muscles work will feel. Again, you should not feel any pain in the muscles of the back.
  • Try to concentrate its weight on the abdomen and buttocks.
  • Bring the right leg back and take the left leg forward with the iron.
  • repeat this 20 times each, with each leg and out of waiting.
  • This is a complete fat burning table to give toned buttocks and thighs thin.

4. reverse plank:

A reverse plank is a great exercise for people with big bellies. It reaffirms and strengthens the abdominal muscles and pushes back the stomach.


To exercise reverse plank:

  • Sit with your legs straight in front of you and keep your hands behind you with your palms facing the rear.
  • Now, yourself up with your arms still flat on the mat and rocking on his heels and palms. Keep an angle of about 60 degrees and feel your belly burn with this exercise.
  • Inhale and exhale slowly to regulate his breathing. Keep this plate for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Repeat four to five times for a great workout. Increase its retention time of 10 seconds each time repetition.

5. Plank walk:

A board walk is an exercise that gives you a workout top of the integral body .

To walk plank:

  • Home pulling himself into a push up position and instead pushed down.
  • Spread your arms and move left, then move to the center and then to the right. This movement or walking will give a full upper body workout, where your shoulders, chest, abdomen and obliques exercise.
  • to increase the level of difficulty of this table, you can cover an entire circle while walking. This then engage your upper and lower body as well thighs.
  • Try doing three repetitions in the advanced version and 20 moves in the easiest version to obtain excellent results.
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6. Plank Jack:

A board decision is the variation of standard scissor jumps, but on the floor with a plank.

jack To exercise board:

  • Start with the basic old plank position. Place feet as diverse as you can, do this with a jump. Hop to pull your legs back. This is a repeat.
  • Do 20 repetitions for excellent results.
  • do not put pressure on his hips even though will be tempted to do so at this exercise.Instead focus all their energy in the muscles of the abdomen. You will feel your abdominal muscles get a good workout from this exercise routine takes plank.

7. Board twist:

A twist plank is a great exercise for the obliques and the lower abs.

For rotation exercise plank:

  • Keep a basic plank but lift your arms so that only your hands are on the floor.
  • Change the weight of the front of his body to the feet. Take your right leg and push inward toward the left arm, turning her hips.
  • The weight and pressure must be in the lower abdomen and not the back.
  • Repeat with the left leg and right arm. This is a repetition.
  • Do 20 repetitions, or as many as possible to get excellent results.

8. Plank pikes:

spades Plank great plank exercises to tone and strengthen your shoulders.


For this exercise:

  • Keep the basic plank position and raise your arms so that only the palms they are on the ground.
  • Now, place your legs on a large exercise ball.
  • Carefully lift your legs to lift your hips to form and bow. Push your body down. The legs should be on the ball all the time exercise.
  • repeat this 20 times to get great toned shoulders.

9. side table leg lift:

A side table with a leg raise is a wonderful exercise and board level version advanced basic side table. This exercise works the obliques hard and gives a good workout for the thighs as well.

For this exercise board:

  • Hold side table and now instead of being even raise the upper leg as you can.
  • push your shoulder to the neck.
  • Do 20 repetitions and switch sides.
  • Do three sets of this exercise to reap the great benefits of exercise board up this routine.

10. Wall of wooden planks:

One of the mainstays of the wall is an advanced level of the base plate and works on her abdomen and shoulders.

In this training:

  • Keep the basic plank position.
  • Raise your arms and keep only the palms on the floor.
  • Lift your legs and place them on the wall for support.
  • The position should appear to be pushing the wall with both feet.
    Hold this position and keep the hips straight and not arched.
  • You feel pressure on the shoulder and abdomen.
  • Hold for 30 seconds at least.

While low, do not jump down as this will hurt your hips. Do three sets and try to keep this board for a minute at least one of the sets. While exercising, the human body tends to form two types of muscles: short bulky body builders have, and long lean dancers have. With exercises plank develop long, lean muscles that give a defined look and make your core strong.

always try to incorporate at least three years plank in your daily workout and see the difference in their physical, especially its core and abdomen!


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