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Pimples Problem: What Your Pimples Are Telling You About Your Health

When it comes to complain no anyone who does it better than women. Ok, it may sound unfair, but it is true that women have much to complain about. But there is an annoying problem that every woman must go through many times in his life; that would be pimples problem .
There are a lot of articles talking about how to dispose of this small satan spawn out of his face, some creams, home remedies or just popping to death. But did you know that grains could be a warning about your body that you can get your grains?
So today I will inform you of what grains are saying about their health
1. the front area
the most painful area to blow a pimple. When grains lay their nests in the area of ​​the front, maybe it’s time for you to check your food intake.
This is because the acne around this is that it could be a sign that your body is having trouble in breaking down food, and if untreated , can lead to toxin accumulates in the body. To solve this thing to do is simple, drink plenty of water and try to eat foods high in antioxidants such as berries and nuts.
2. Chin area
The following problem grains, which is also the most troublesome area simply by the way it is perceptible on his face. This area has some connections with their reproductive organs.
Therefore, when there is a pimple on her chin, means that there are some hormonal reactions that take place in your body. For this reason, when there is any change in your hormonal system; over time it will be shown in the form of a grain. And that explains why always a grain as their period is getting closer you get.

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Pimples Problem
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3. the nose of the area
Pimples on the nose means that someone secretly loves you, yeah right. Although it is only a superstition, but it contains some truth to it. When the nose become the host of a grain, it has something to do with the heart and blood pressure.
Yes, acne on the nose means a heart problem; it could mean that you are perhaps under a lot of stress. So make sure you never forget that you deserve to do something fun for rest and relaxation. Another grain problem just disappeared.

4. Cheeks Area:
cheek area is the most common problem area for pimples . Pimples in this area usually means there is something wrong with his lungs.
Of course, this does not mean that the pimples in this area of ​​equal or TBC lung cancer, but it may simply mean that there are some minor problems with their lungs. It could be that you have been smoking too much or too inhaling contaminated air.

However, it could also mean that some of your stuff maybe the nest of a lot of bacteria. Check if your phone or pillowcases are dirty, that may be the problem.

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