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Personality Test: What Your Nails Say About You?

Personality Test What your nails say about you

The different parts of your body can reveal a lot about your personality their fate or even about their tastes.

Nails have many different forms and each person has a form of nails that is almost special. Here we collect the 9 most common forms and analyzed. What is most similar to yours?

  1. vertically elongated.

You’re a romantic. You are more likely to use the right side of your brain, so you Aore a very imaginative person. You are meticulous and creative, but tends to be overwhelmed by her surroundings and can be easily deceived, so can be a little more cautious. When it comes to dealing with the type of person who uses the left brain, you may have difficulty understanding and may even end up in a conflict situation.

  1. wide sideways.

you are a person of bad character. The left side of his brain has probably evolved much more so it is a very eloquent person. It is expressed very well and gives people a simple and clear impression. However, you tend to be impatient and cranky, so it might be a good idea to practice a little self-control at the time. You can not reach an agreement with emotional people who listen to your heart instead of your head.

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3 and 4. Form egg (both types).

You, AORE a pacifist, you, happy and carefree AORE to do things at their own pace. You, AORE very sociable and always when people around you are in a discussion, you are the first to act as a mediator. For this brilliant personality is loved by many and, compared with other types get along relatively well with all kinds of people.

  1. Square.

You, AORE a person fat head with perseverance and guts. Many tend to have this type. The serious attitude is a good thing, but the lack of flexibility is a defect in a gemstone. If you could try to be less stubborn and think more flexibly, things could work better.

6 and 7. Triangle. (Both normal and reverse).

You, AORE a genius, always he has new ideas and always aware of the small details of things that others do not. The type of inverted triangle may be a bit aggressive, while normal types of triangles tend to be too sensitive and can not tolerate the lever people around. They are likely to feel annoyed by people who are too relaxed to do things at their own pace.

  1. almond.

you are faithful and honest. You have a vivid imagination and are always friendly and honest with people. You are very friendly and polite, but they have little tolerance and tend to be cranky. When you feel that something can not be done, just cool head and think easy.

  1. Espada.
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You’re ambitious and idealistic kind of person who would not hesitate to work hard to achieve goals. If there is something that will help you move towards the ideals, it will do, even if it, AOS something you do not like at all. However, you have to cooperate. It is also likely to feel uncomfortable when it comes to people who are too relaxed and not continue with you. It would probably be beneficial to improve the ability to work in teams.

The personality test: What your nails say about you first appeared in BASE HEALTHY LIFE


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