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People with acne are protected against aging: Study


A recent study conducted at Kings College London has found that people with acne infection on their faces tend to have younger looking skin as they age.

The genetic comparison information for women with and without acne, the study found that women prone to acne had significantly longer telomeres (or caps chromosomes) than their clear counterparts skin, which means that your cells are better protected against damage that usually comes with age.

lead researcher Simone Ribero said, “For many years, dermatologists have found that the skin of acne sufferers seem to age more slowly than those who have not experienced any acne in your life. While this has been observed in clinical practice, the cause of this was previously unclear. “

” Our findings suggest that the cause could be related to the length of telomeres, which seems to be different for acne sufferers and it means your cells can be protected against aging, “he added.

telomeres are DNA-protection structures at the ends of chromosomes.

Think of them as those little plastic caps that are placed at the ends of the cords to prevent fraying.

Each time a cell divides, its telomeres shorten to the point that the cell can not replicate anymore.

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A cell can not replicate anymore either die or become senescent, which means it can not grow or function properly.

This telomere shortening process has been associated with aging, cancer, and increased risk of death.

The producing high levels of an enzyme called telomerase experience slower cell death and senescence, and to help rebuild the telomeres after cell division.

That means you will see less outwardly visible signs of progressive cell death, such as wrinkles and skin thinning.

If that telomerase sounds like something we should be bottled and bathe in, do not worry, scientists are working on it.

The problem with trying to bottle telomerase is one of the great mysteries of life is why only certain cells produce the enzyme, and why some people tend to produce more of the same as others. really are

results have been published in the journal of Investigative Dermatology

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