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People Are Arguing Over The Answer To This Equation

Are you the type of person who enjoys a good challenge? Occasionally, a math problem puzzle or shared across the Internet that stumps people or leaves everyone arguing about the correct answer. A new equation is shared like crazy, and that is causing some uproar. At first glance, it seems quite simple. In any case, people can not agree on the correct answer.

Can you solve?

Party this equation with your friends on Facebook. Can you solve it?

The equation requires, by addition and multiplication. That should not be too difficult, though, right?


But that looks very easy … What is the problem?

Let’s start with the first row …

Okay, so it adds up to 17.


We are good at so far!

Most people are arguing about the next part of the equation, so it should even start with the top at all.

If we just go from left to right, we add 1 to 11, which is 12. 12 plus 1 is 13. But if we multiply 13 by 0, there would just get 0 plus 1 the bottom? Sorry folks, this can not be right. Do you know why?


CAUTION! The correct answer is at the bottom of the page. Do not move too fast if you want to solve on their own.

The correct answer is 30. Let’s break down.

Remember PEMDAS (parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction)? PEMDAS, also known as the order of operations is one of the most important aspects of mathematics and determines where a long equation should start. In this case, to get the right answer, which would first have to multiply by 1 0. When you remove the 1 and 0 of the equation, add the rest of the numbers to get 30.

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Party this equation with your friends on Facebook. COMMENTARY if he found something different …

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