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Peel Off Black Japanese In Your Own Home. Removes Blackheads Instantly

In recent months has marketed a super mega black mask that promises to eliminate the black spots of the first application, this mask was created by the Japanese, we will see concerned.

Blackheads are grains that usually barely visible, only if we approach the person suffer can feel when we open pores, they are filled with all the land around us, and become in black that when in contact with skin rust, when those cubes have more color that indicated who already have them clogging the pores, however, if you are white, obstruction is recent.

This mask is all over the Internet, but most important is that we will prepare at home, and very low cost ingredients, this mask promises to leave us like a baby skin super-soft.


Let’s use the activated carbon plant, which will be responsible for giving us the black mask, also help us to eliminate excess fat skin and cleanse pores.


  • 1 teaspoon of activated carbon
  • ½ teaspoon of non – toxic school glue

what we do is wash our face, then we will take some hot water vapors or we can get a hot towel on the face, this is in order to open the pores and facilitate the exit of the bullets.
Once this is done, we will mix the tail of the school, and coal, and we will apply the points where the black spot. Let’s let it dry for about an hour. We must be generous with the layers will apply, 2 it is recommended to 3 layers. To facilitate gripping and pulling power for points are restricted, once we stop dry thoroughly with a jerk, and rinsed with cold water.

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