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PC screens impacts eye secretions, symptoms mimic dry eye disease

How computer screen effect our eyes

If you spend much time on a PC and believes it has developed dry eye disease, you probably do not have, according to new research, but it is probably you are suffering similar symptoms. It seems those staring at computer screens all day are experiencing some changes in the cells of the eyelid that mimic the chronic ailment.
The major symptom is a watery eyes, a watering can, and pain in the eyelid. That’s because the protein called MUC5AC released by cells in the upper eyelid becomes inflamed. The MUC5AC is part of the mucus layer that normally occurs that helps keep the eyes moist. Research indicates continuous screen viewing hours can make it dry and endanger the natural tear fluid.
“To understand the tension of the patient’s eye, which is one of the main symptoms of dry eye disease, it is important that ophthalmologists pay attention to the concentration of MUC5AC in tears,” said study author, Dr. Yuichi Uchino, an ophthalmologist at the School of Medicine, Keio University in Tokyo
– See more .: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/8622/20140616/extensive-computer-affects-eye-secretions-symptoms-mimic-dry-eye-disease.htm#sthash.s47QWpnX.dpuf
Computer Screen effect on Eyes

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