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Past life Regression Therapy for Phobias

According to certain religious beliefs, the soul reincarnated several times until perfection is reached and finally, returns to its source. therapy past life regression is loosely based on the theory of reincarnation.

Therapists apply hypnosis in order to delve into his past and reveal a flood of repressed memories. Seen from the perspective of a skeptic, they would be considered as delusions or fantasies, as no religious text speaks of “repressed memories” of a past life.

However, whether to embark on this fascinating journey with an open mind, which is free of preconceived ideas, is likely to be able to unravel hitherto unknown facets of your life that can help heal your present .

Practitioners regression therapy past life they believe that the analysis of past life is really an inner journey toward full self discovery. Knowing your past life empowers you with the ability to make life changing alterations in the script of their present and future!

Past life Regression Therapy types
Historical Background: Freud, Madame Blavatsky to Dr. Brian Weiss:
References to analysis of past life can be found in the Vedas, as well as Jain and Buddhist scriptures. Meditation also was practiced by the Greeks and Egyptians in their dream incubation centers and mystery schools.

past life regression could have a long past but has never stopped evolving and therapists are constantly looking for innovations and modifications in their techniques. therapy past life regression, as we know it today, owes its origin to Sigmund Freud. He was the first to establish that there is a direct connection between trauma or past experiences and behavioral symptoms present. His research and postulates concerning the subconscious mind transforms how people saw themselves and their future and formed the basis of regression therapy to past lives.

“It is therefore for the shadows of the hoary past and its fantastic silhouettes on the external screen of every religion and philosophy, we can, by checking them as we go along, and comparing them, trace, finally, the organ that produces them. ” ~ Lady Helena Blavatsky

Madame Helena Blavatsky, was a Russian occultist. She had immense faith in archaic wisdom, mysterious doctrines and pagan cultures that were followed by countries with ancient civilizations. She was the first to introduce the Tibetan mysticism and Buddhist and Hindu concepts of reincarnation in the West. Blavatsky was considered a missionary commitment of this ancient knowledge. She is known for having carried out extensive research on the spiritual traditions of East and publication known as “The Secret Doctrine” is essentially a compilation of these teachings.

Along with Henry Olcott and William Judge, the Theosophical Society was established. One of the main purposes of this society was the creation, “Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color.” The Theosophical Society great influence on Buddhist modernism and Hindu reform movements, and is responsible for having spread their modernized versions in the West.

Another great advocate of hypnotic regression therapy is Dr. Brian Weiss. He is an American psychiatrist who believes that the underlying cause of several diseases lies in phobias and past life experiences. Patients are encouraged to recognize and remember past traumas that have left an indelible mark on their current behavior, day to overcome them.

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How regression therapy is practiced in past lives?

practitioners therapy past life regression believe unfulfilled desires or unresolved issues from a past life may be the root cause of all problems in the current life of his patient. They use hypnosis and a set of questions or suggestions to help the patient to recall events from their past life / lives.

Past life Regression Therapy and uses
Sometimes therapists use a technique called “bridge” in order to extract memories or identities of a past life. However, this technique has its own set of risks, as it can create a state of deception under the guise of therapy.

therapy past life regression is often frowned upon by regular doctors as the memory of adverse memories can lead to physical problems and psychological for the patient and his / her significant other. At other times, the patient recalls his / her past lives so lucidly, it becomes difficult for the therapist to perform an analysis of past life, to distinguish between truth and reality confabulation. In such a situation, it becomes almost impossible for the therapist to undo the damage.

How can life beyond cure phobias regression therapy?

therapy past life regression takes a close past life experiences of a person look and determines the cause of particular gestures or patterns of behavior. For example, a patient may reach a past life regression therapist because of a phobia of heights no apparent reason.

By taking the patient into a hypnotic trance, a therapist is able to access the patient’s past life and is able to understand the reasons for the illogical fear or phobia of heights in his present life.

As the patient relates the experiences of a past life under the influence of hypnosis, the therapist is able to develop a vision on the problems of patients and can guide the patient and answers to some unexplained problems in the life of the person they are.

Understanding why a phobia persists is that usually leads to a resolution that particular phobia.

Benefits of therapy past life regression:

Past life Regression Therapy Hypnosys
therapy past life regression makes it possible to recognize the traumatic experiences of past lives that prevent us realize our full potential in our present lives. An important part of the past life analysis involves recognition and free from the chains that bind us to our past. This helps us give way to a positive transformation in our present lives and eventually our future.

Other benefits of Past Life Regression

The discovery of patterns of behavior and relationship:
The goal of therapy past life regression is to help to understand why patients who have certain traits, values, skills, obsessions, desires, anxieties, etc. This information can be used by the patient to live a happy and peaceful life present.

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The healing of the spirit:
The person who has become today is the result of his childhood and the circumstances that shaped it. In the same way, your current life is the result of experiences you have had in a past life. With the help of regression therapy, you may be able to find a way to forgive yourself, this creates a deep sense of relief and is a healing process that has a profound and far-reaching effect on your current life than others forms of treatment are not able to achieve.

life purpose Discovering:
therapy past life regression can be used to carry out a trip on one of his many past lives in order to understand why which life has not worked according to plan. You might even learn that the time and place of his unfulfilled goal is not appropriate. The therapist then helps you unravel the means to alter the situation and guide you toward your mission in life.

Karma Balance:
Karma may be balanced by paying attention to the circumstances that arise in our present life and the decisions we make, as a result, often follows a certain pattern. life issues from the past that are rooted in our past need to be accessed again and needs to be rekindled memories of past lives so we can learn to make decisions differently, in order to break the pattern and, therefore, break the energy created by it. This starts a healing process.

forgiveness Find:
The therapist helps the patient to determine if there were any outstanding debts or obligations in a past life. With the help of regression therapy, an adequate means to review the contract or atone for a past mistake found and the patient can continue living your life today with a deep sense of inner peace and acceptance.

The resolution of problems in current relations:
Exploration of a past life with the help of regression therapy helps people to understand life from a different perspective. It helps them solve their current problems, learning to share their life experiences with their loved ones and to lead a life compatible.

Blocks Release:
therapy past life regression can help find forgiveness for himself and others through reviewing past life experiences. It provides a complete view of all their life and helps to eliminate all obstacles that prevent you lead a peaceful everyday life.

Although therapy past life regression is based on the theory of reincarnation, this is of secondary importance to a therapist. The importance accorded only to the story that unfolds from the unconscious mind and has an incredible amount of influence on the subconscious and conscious minds of the patient. Regression therapy leads to the discovery of a vast amount of information about ourselves, including the underlying causes of phobias, blocks, challenges, etc. The observation of these from a broader perspective and unearth the cause can help move forward and create the life we ​​want.

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