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PARENTS BE CAREFUL! When The Doctor Saw The Teeth Of 3-Year-Old With Caries – He Had To Remove 11 Teeth From This Child!


Over 93% of people of all ages suffer from tooth decay.

There is an adult without cavities, should be avoided in children. Unfortunately, regular brushing can not be an essential factor to prevent caries as the main cause of unpleasant diseases are bacteria that cause tooth decay.

These bacteria infect children, while the transfer is kissing and cutlery. Parents often make fatal mistakes in the health of their children …

caries prevention

Some mothers and fathers really do not like to brush their teeth of children and make this priority procedure for your child. There are other extreme cases, parents forced their children to mouth an aqueous solution of sodium for the complete destruction of bacteria. Since this procedure destroys the enamel and caries, but quickly destroys small teeth.

Also remember that sugar is the best friend of caries. Even the drinks that are labeled “sugar” still contain, but not in such large quantities.


This mother gave regularly drink soda his 3-year-old children labeled “sugar” and as a result, the dentist had to remove 11 teeth child!

The causes of tooth decay in children

  • streptococcal bacteria are transmitted from parents to children.
    Illness and stress during pregnancy, antibiotics.
    Failure of oral hygiene.
    frequent and used for a long sweet time.

Here are some tips from an experienced dentist to help prevent tooth decay in children and adults. It is our duty to tell you about it, think!

caries prevention

  • Regularly brushing your teeth not only with a brush, but also with threads.
    never as sweet as the last dish. Candy must precede hard vegetables or fruit, then rinse your mouth and chew gum with xylitol.
    Avoid sweets, and do not drink sweet drinks between meals.
    Never eat sweets at night.
    Too sweet and too acidic drinks and drinks they consume a straw

Carefully adhere to hygiene standards and respect the culture of consumption of carbohydrates, you can never know what is broken in your mouth! We must not forget the parents of children and those whose children have long grown.

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