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Online College: Study For Free With TESDA Online Courses. No Tuition Fee Needed.

What Are the advantages of this online study To apply the mind to learning and understanding of (a subject), especially for reading 😕 to study languages; to study all night. to investigate or examine, for observation, research, to devote much care or criticism to try to memorize: study a part of a play. to meditate or contemplate; They reflect. Education is the most important thing in our life. Education and good manners, knowledge and learning. Education requires the instruction of some sort of individual or composite literature.

Many people get the best education using learning from books and then hands on practice to reinforce learning from books.

Education is commonly and formally divided into stages such as preschool, elementary school, high school and then college, university or apprenticeship.

government in an effort to keep education in the Philippines, education and technical training Development or TESDA offers free online courses for Filipinos who wanted to learn online.

List TESDA courses offered :.

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Information Technology
– Intel Easy Steps (Facebook app) (update)
– web development with HTML5 and CSS3
Tourism – Food and beverage Service
– waiter Service
– Operator Room Service
– bus boy Services
– Operator Services [19459012Room]
– Maintenance Service
– Public operating area Services
– Laundry Service
– Sandwich Preparation of
– Cell maintenance
– Sunlight Assembly Night
– Fruit Grower
– Automotive battery Services
Heating and Air conditioning
– Packaging air conditioner Servicing Unit
Health, social Services and development services other than the Community
massage therapy
-Massage Therapy
to Swedish Massage
-Thai Massage
to start your online university with TESDA, you have to create an account through an active e-mail and follow the instructions given. You can send your email to E-Tesda.gov.ph . And you can see the courses available appear
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