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OMG! This Is How Alden Richards Treat His Fans!

Richard Fulkerson, Jr. began his career back in 2010 in Alakdana of the GMA, and from there, was to introduce famous as the handsome leading man, Alden Richards. However, it was not one of the lucky few guys who made their way to Starstruck, God, somehow made a way for him to be a celebrity, later, will be one of the most sought after leading men and the other half of AlDub. since I was a child, Alden was very handsome, and also the fact that humility runs through his veins, which easily captured the hearts of some female fans. despite the busy schedule she had on television and movie recording, the ‘Pambansang Bae’ never lost his energy and composure in many shopping centers programs lined them up on your calendar, the reason was dubbed the “king Show mall.” During one of his recent Show Mall, Alden received an unexpected kiss from one of its solid fans. The video is now gone viral, it shows a shot from backstage. As Alden took the stage, one fan jumped on him and kissed him on the cheeks. He was obviously shocked, but professionally accepted and continues the show. This only shows that behind those tempting smile and sparkling eyes, Alden is really an amazing person, in front and behind the eyes of the public.

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