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Okra – Plant Of The Future!

okra, also known as “lady finger” or “Okra” is one of popular nutritious vegetables Northeast African origin. The pods usually met while they are green, tender, and in the immature stage. The plant is cultivated in all warm tropical and temperate regions throughout the world for its fibrous fruits or “pods”. Okra grows best in rich soils and well drained manure.

botanically, okra is a perennial plant belonging to the Malvaceae (mallow) family, and named scientifically as okra .

Nutrition Facts

okra contains vitamins A and C and a good source of iron and calcium. Also it contains starch, fat, ash, thiamin and riboflavin. Not surprisingly, Cleopatra and Yang Guifei maintains its beauties.

To 1/2 cup sliced, cooked okra for 1 cup raw okra
Calories – 25
dietary fiber – 2 grams
protein – 1.52 grams
carbohydrates – 5.76 grams
vitamin A – 460 IU
vitamin C – 13.04 mg
folic acid – 36.5 micrograms
calcium – 50.4 mg
iron – 0.4 mg
potassium – 256.6 mg
magnesium – 46 mg
Calories – 33
Fiber – 3.2 g
total fat – 0.1 g
protein – 2.0 g
carbohydrates – 7.6 g
vitamin A – 660 IU
vitamin C – 21 mg
folate – 87.8mcg
magnesium – 57 mg

the health benefits of okra known

  • Okra promotes a healthy pregnancy – an extremely important B vitamin for the production and maintenance of new cells, folate is essential for optimal pregnancy compound. The vitamin helps prevent birth defects such as spina bifida and helps the baby to grow enough. Vitamin C is also essential for fetal development. Okra is rich in folate and vitamin C.
  • helps prevent diabetes – Thanks to the fiber and other nutrients, okra is beneficial in normalizing sugar blood in the body. help with diabetes
  • help with kidney disease – A study published in October 2005 Jilin Medical Journal found that regular consumption okra can help prevent kidney disease. In the study, “those who ate the okra daily reduced clinical signs of kidney more than those who simply a diabetic diet ate damage.” This also corresponds with diabetes because almost 50% of cases of kidney diseases are caused by diabetes.
  • Supports colon health – Okra is full of dietary fiber, which is essential for colon health and digestive health as a whole. The okra fiber provides helps cleanse the digestive system, allowing the colon to work at higher levels of efficiency. In addition, vitamin A contributes to healthy mucous membranes, helping the digestive tract to function properly
  • could help with respiratory problems such as asthma -. Okra contains vitamin C, which has been shown to help with respiratory problems such as asthma. One study concluded that “consumption of fruits rich in vitamin C, even at low levels of intake, may reduce symptoms of wheezing in childhood, especially among people who are already susceptible.”
  • promotes healthy skin – Vitamin C helps maintain skin young and vibrant. Vitamin aids in growth and repair of body tissues, affecting the formation of collagen and skin pigmentation, and helps rejuvenate damaged skin. Okra is full of vitamin C. tip Topic: Boil a handful of okra until soft. After letting it cool, mash and apply it to your face. After 5 minutes, the skin should feel soft and rejuvenated.
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